Team Values & Goals

What do we want our evangelism team to be known for (brainstormed Nov 2010)

1. Be Creative
    • Idea generators
    • Using different environments
    • Thinking big and taking risks for God
    • Reaching out to people in ways that they can relate too
2. Generating Excitement
    • Getting the congregation excited about the differences that are made through evangelism
    • Increasing awareness of our churches in our communities
    • An excited small group exciting the rest of the congregation about evangelism
    • The 2 "little white churches" that are bursting with excitement to share news about God's mercy
3. Sharing the Gospel
    • Reminding all Christians that Jesus loves you
    • Outreaching to different groups (non members, outdoors people, people new to community)
    • Equipping the congregation to evangelize
    • Respecting other churches and their flocks
4. Maintaining Strong Fellowship
    • Maintaining fellowship with our team (no guilt making, encouraging one another, being optimistic)
    • Working with other groups within our churches
    • Uncovering other opportunities and encouraging other groups to be formed or passing ideas to existing groups in our 2 churches