Imlook4d started as a viewer for 4-dimensional viewer for medical PET, CT, MRI images. For more than a decade it has evolved to include tools typically not available in image viewers. The most important feature is the easy method to extend functionality, by adding a single matlab file into a folder (resulting in it becoming an integrated menu in imlook4d)

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imlook4d screen shot

Figure 1. Screen shot of imlook4d PET/MRI with applied temporal Hotelling filter


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Documentation and Tutorials


The program is developed in Matlab and works on all platforms

Some features of imlook4d:

  • Full 4D viewer
  • VOI analysis, using brush tool (easier than polygons), thresholded brushing. Load and Save VOI definitions.
  • DICOM, Nifti, Analyze, ECAT (very fast compared to Matlabs routines), and reads binary, interfile and some other formats
  • Export/Import to Matlab workspace, allowing data manipulation in workspace and export back to imlook4d
  • Drop-in SCRIPTS (written in Matlab) makes it easy to add matlab code to imlook4d menues
  • Some 30 useful scripts for Matrix and ROI processing
  • Interactive help, click on GUI elements to open detailed help window
  • Integrated with ImageJ and SPM
  • Requires Matlab (with no additional toolboxes)


imlook4d git repository: