Battle of Myeongnyang

        The Battle of Myeongnyang perhaps best demonstrates Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s military genius and formidable status as a warrior.  Shortly before this famous fight, the Admiral had been imprisoned due to false accusations from corrupt Joseon politicians.  Barely escaping death, he returned to the southern coast of the Korean peninsula only to find just 13 usable Joseon battleships.  He knew that facing the oncoming Japanese fleet of 330 ships directly would be suicidal; therefore, he relied on his knowledge of the tide intervals and strength of the currents at Myeongnyang Strait.

        When the Japanese fleet entered the narrow waters, it was forced into a bottleneck due to its large number of ships.  Not able to move, the Japanese took severe shots from Joseon artillery fire.  And once the tide changed against them, they took further damage as they retreated in chaos.  

        The Joseon Navy lost two men and had three wounded.  The Japanese lost 33 ships, took significant damage on about 90 ships and lost about 8,000 men.