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Previous IMIS

IMIS 2008 (April 24-26, 2008, Busan, South Korea) 

The following papers were presented at the IMIS 2008.

  • Distributive Key Management for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks(Mohammad Al-Shurman, Seong-Moo Yoo)
  • A Cost Effective Rate Control for Streaming Video Dedicated to Wireless Handheld Devices    
    (Youn-Sik Hong, Jun-Sik Hong)
  • Energy-Efficient Buffer Architecture for Flash Memory    
    (Wen-Tzeng Huang, Chin-Hsing Chen, Chun-Ta Chen, C-C Cheng)
  • Backbone Construction Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks    
    (Junmo Yang, Bonam Kim, Ilsun You)
  • An Improved Flexible Access Control Scheme for JPEG2000 Codestreams    
    (Yang Ou, Chae Duk Jung, Chul Sur, Kyung Hyune Rhee)
  • Ubiquitous Web Access: Collaborative Optimization and Dynamic Content Negotiation    
    Xavier Sanchez-Loro, Victoria Beltran, Jordi Casademont, Marisa Catalan)
  • A Novel Network Mobility Scheme Using SIP and SCTP for Multimedia Applications    
    (Fang-Yie Leu, Zhen-Jia Ko)
  • A User-Perceived Freshness Clustering Method to Identify Three Subgroups in Mobile Internet Users    
    (Toshihiko Yamakami )
  • Natural Language Watermarking for Korean Using Adverbial Displacement    
    (Mi-Young Kim)
  • Energy Effective Geographical Routing Considering Wireless Link Condition in WSN    
    (Inbo Sim, Jaiyong Lee)
  • A Context-Aware Push-to-Talk Service    
    (Jenq-Muh Hsu, Wei-Bin Lain, Jui-Chih Liang)
  • System Architecture for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)    
    (Huynjin Kim, Junmo Yang)
  • An Abnormal Area Scanning for Scalable and Energy-Efficient SensorNet Fault Management    
    (Hayoung Oh, Kijoon Chae)
  • Development of Telemedicine and Telecare over Wireless Sensor Network    
    (Shuo-Jen Hsu, Hsin-Hsien Wu, Shih-Wei Chen, Tzang-Chi Liu, Wen-Tzeng Huang, Yuan-Jen Chang, Chin-Hsing Chen, You-Yin Chen)

IMIS 2007 (April 26-28, 2007, Seoul, South Korea)

The following papers were presented at the IMIS 2007.

  • Detection of People and Tracking Test Bed Using Multiple Sensors    
    (Tatsuya Yamazaki, Kentaro Kayama, Seiji Igi)
  • PIS-CC RBAC: Patient Information Service based on CC-RBAC in Next Generation Hospital considering Ubiquitous Intelligent Environment    
    (Jong Hyuk Park)
  • The Novel Compression Layer for Flash Memory in Mobile Multimedia Devices    
    (Wen-Tzeng Huang, Chun-Ta Chen, Chin-Hsing Chen Chen)
  • Energy Analysis of Multimedia Video Decoding on Mobile Handheld Devices    
    (Chu-Hsing Lin, Jung-Chun Liu, Jun-Wei Liao)
  • Controlling CPU Usage for Processes with Execution Resource for Mitigating CPU DoS Attack     
    (Toshihiro Tabata, Satoshi Hakomori, Kazutoshi Yokoyama, Hideo Taniguchi)
  • Towards High Quality Mobile Services for Senior Citizens in Smart Living Environments     
    (Xiaosong Zheng, Petri Pulli)
  • An new ambulatory urodynamic system using bio-impedance method     
    (Chul Gyu Song, Keo Sik Kim, Jeong Hwan Seo, Jong Chan Kim, Yang Soo An)
  • Note-Taking on the ipod     
    (Frode EIka Sandnes, Yo-Ping Huang)
  • A Meta Data Model of Context Information for Dynamic Service Adaptation on User Centric Environment     
    (OkJoo Choi, YongIk Yoon)
  • An Energy-Efficient Sensor Routing with low latency, scalability in Wireless Sensor Networks     
    (hayoung oh, Kijoon Chae)
  • Digital Photo Annotation in Ubiquitous Computing Environment (Chull Hwan Song, Seong Joon Yoo)
  • An Enhanced Fast Handover Scheme with Temporal Reuse of CoAs and PBP in IPv6-Based Mobile Networks     
    (Hayoung Oh, Kibaek Yoo, Chong-kwon Kim, Woo-Jin Yang, Tae-il Kim, Hae-won Jung)
  • Mobility Management Using Frequently Visited Location Database    
    (Jae-Woo LEE)
  • An Efficient Management Algorithm for Gateway Readers in the Warehouse     
    (Byung-Kook Son, Jun-Hwan Lee, Kyung-Lang Park, Shin-Dug Kim)
  • Multi Layer Approach to Defend DDOS Attacks Caused by Spam (Beatrice Cynthia)
  • Mobile Healthcare System based on Collaboration between JADE and OSGi for Scalability     
    (Seung-Jae Song, San-Hwan Ryu, Dong-Ryeol Shin)
  • Propose of U-CRM system displaying powerful efficiency in RFID Computing environment     
    (Seungjeong Yang, Jongtae Rhee)
  • A Predictive Location Based Relaying scheme for hybrid Cellular and ad-hoc Systems     
    (Tae Sung Kim, Kang Jin Yoon, Young Yong Kim)
  • Address Internetworking between WSNs and Internet supporting Web Services    
    (Jeong-Hee Kim, Do-Hyeon Kim, Ho-Young Kwak)
  • A Model to Support Mobile Users in Wireless Sensor Networks    
    (Sang-Sik Kim, Ae-Soon Park)
  • The Research of Security System for Sharing Engineering Drawings    
    (Hangbae Chang, Kyung-kyu Kim, Yeongdeok Kim)
  • An Energy-Efficient Key Management Protocol For Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks    
    (Kwang-Jin Paek, Jin-Soo Kim, Jong-Wan Kim, Chong-Sun Hwang)
  • A Memory and Performance Optimized Architecture of Deblocking Filter in H.264/AVC    
    (Kyeong-yuk Min, Jong-wha Chong)
  • Effective Elimination of Redundant Packets in Wireless Sensor Networks    
    (Hyo Jung Yun, Ki Nam Kim, Eul Gyu Im, Yong Ho Song)