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Leigh Gates, Visual Resources Consultant

After over 30 years as an art librarian and visual resources manager at the Art Institute of Chicago, I am offering my services for consultation and project management in the transition and preservation of analog image special collections, both personal and institutional, to digital format. I am well-versed in digital best practices and the management and preservation of digital resources. I am available for appraisal and assessment of visual collections, digital or analog, and can provide editorial assistance in applying descriptive metadata using the most recent standards for image access.

Margaret Webster, Visual Resources Consultant

After over 30 years as the Director of the Knight Visual Resources Facility at Cornell University, I am offering my services as a visual resources consultant and descriptive metadata specialist. I am interested in fostering the preservation of institutional and personal academic and research slide and photograph collections and their migration to digital format.  I am well versed in digital best practices as well as issues concerning the management, preservation, accessibility, and description of digital resources. I am available to assess and appraise visual collections; to assist in the planning of image collection transitions including issues of space planning, administrative changes, accessibility, and delivery; and to create and edit descriptive metadata applying appropriate and acknowledged standards and authorities.   

Maureen Burns, IMAGinED

Trudy Levy, Image Integration

In 1994, as a practicing architect, Trudy Levy was picking up slides off a slide table when she had a brilliant idea: why not move all those slides out of the file cabinets and onto the networks where they could benefit more people! Since that initial spark of brilliance, Trudy has committed herself to de-mystifying technology and taking advantage of the great access possibilities that technology offers, especially when it comes to her passion -- visual information. Through her consultant work assisting the transition to a digital collection, she has helped create digital repositories for a variety of collections from subway tokens to frogs. As an early evangelist of digital access, Trudy is often sought for speaking and writing engagements on the topic of creating a digital collection.

Jan Eklund, Image Metadata Consultant

Amalyah Keshet

Johann Zoffany (1733-1810)
Tribuna of the Uffizi
Florence: Galleria degli Uffizi