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the care and cultivation of images

Working in the field of visual resources--assisting others in the use of images, visual information, and associated tools--the Image Consulting Cooperative has come together to work with image collectors interested in using the latest technology to improve access to their collections. ICCoop members are experienced image information professionals and users, who offer a range of services to assist in planning, funding, implementing, training, and managing image collections.

Geographically located across the USA, ICCoop members work with cultural organizations, academic institutions, and private scholars or image collectors who want to share their analog or digital image collections.  

In addition to consulting services, the ICCoop is building this web resource with articles, links, and a blog in an effort to make image collections, whatever the content, more accessible and useful.

We welcome you to contact us at and join the fun.

The ICCoop

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White Papers 
From here you can link to papers we have written about topics which interest us.

Frequently asked questions about image metadata, searching for images, and copyright