Instructor: Dr. Sarang Joshi
Coordinator: Blake Zimmerman
Class Catalog: BIOEN6810/CS7938
Fall 2016 | Mondays 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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The image analysis seminar (a.k.a. Imaging Lunch) is a place for sharing insights and ideas on all kinds of research related to images. Researchers are encouraged to give lectures and hold discussions. Students are encouraged to introduce their work and get feedback, present interesting papers, or rehearse presentations, etc.

This seminar will meet once a week. Students who register for credit are required to attend and present at least once in the semester.

Feel free to bring your lunch!

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Students Registered for the Class:
Students who are registered for either BIOEN6810/CS7938 class, you are required to attend the seminars.  In addition to attending the class, you must also give a presentation during one of the seminars.  The topic of your presentation should preferably be the research that you are working on.  If you are not yet with a lab, or are not far enough into your research to present, you may present on a related paper. If you choose to present others' papers, please talk to Sarang Joshi or Blake Zimmerman in advance. 

In order to register for a time to present, please send an email to Blake Zimmerman (  If you already have something to present, please sign up for an earlier time to help with the scheduling. Time slots will be given on a first come, first serve basis. 

As the time slots are filled, I will update the calendar to show who is presenting and what they will be presenting on. 

Imaging Seminar