What's new

Version 0.5.0 Alpha (03-01-2014)

Version 0.5 comes after a long period (one year and an half) in which I dedicated myself to more enjoyable things, like family and climbing... Also this version introduced a lot of changes, so it is an alfa version....
Here is the list of changes:
  • - added a plugin-support structure
  • - added a plugin manager in settings tab
  • - added a plugin for youtube file managing
  • - added a plugin for powerpoint import
  • - now all settings are saved per user
  • - now all settings are stored in an internal database
  • - general refactory of the GUI (main, settings, )
  • - general refactory of the batch executor engine
  • - batch executor jobs are now managed in a pool
  • - added red eyes reduction effect
  • - added the possibility of cutting an image
  • - added horizontal/vertival mirror effects
  • - many bugs have been fixed

Please remember that it is an alpha RC version, in the next beta version we will hopefully fix more things.

Version 0.4.0 Beta (14-05-2012)

Major changes introduced in 0.4.0 Beta Release:
  • Added Drag&Drop functionalities for image, video and audio selections
  • Added Undo/Redo functionalities
  • Added some shortcuts
  • Added Stop functionality to stop current presentation
  • Added presentation resizing functionality with F5/F6 keys
  • Added fullscreen mode functionality with F11 key
  • Added French and Portoguese as supported languages
  • Added rain effect
  • Added old movie effect
  • Added log textarea to work in progress dialog
  • Added infinite loop functionality
  • Main toolbar has been changed
  • Slideshow buttons have been changed
  • Many small bugs have been fixed
  • Major bug fix on fullscreen mode
  • Major bug fix on preview and batch execution engine
  • Major bug fix for paths with blanc spaces under win OS

Version 0.3.0 Alpha (30-01-2012)

Major changes introduced in 0.3.0 Alpha Release:
  • Added many filters on images (emboss, sharpness, rotation, circles, rectangles, gaussian blur)
  • Addedd the possibility of quickly rotate images
  • Added "Pixels" transition effect
  • Added choosable background color for the slideshow
  • Support for opening idf files with double click in Windows OS
  • All timeout intervals in the slideshow now are in milliseconds
  • Added support for gif, bmp and png images
  • Added the new 'console' tab to monitor the behaviour of the program
  • Added 3 new layouts
  • GUI cleanup, general review of forms
  • Bug fixes on cancel in insert/update image/audio dialogs
  • Many other bugs have been fixed (special thanks to contributors)