IMF Electronics Decoders

In the 1980s, IMF Electronics marketed an Ambisonic Sursound Sound decoder, the D20B. This site presents material useful to owners of such decoders.  IMF Electronics also released a few UHJ-encoded LPs.

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Three LPs are known to have been released by IMF Electronics:

  • AMB 5201, Beginnings by The New Reformation Dixieland Band (England, 1980)
  • AMB 5202, Gonna Fly Now by Chris Bickley and the Reef Petroleum Big Band (England, 1981)
  • AMB 5203, Stay All Night by Loose Caboose (England, 1981)

A fourth LP was advertised in a 1981 flyer as "AVAILABLE SHORTLY", but there is no evidence that it was ever released:

  • AMB 5204, Beginnings: Volume II by The New Reformation Dixieland Band

An image of the flyer is available for download: 

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