ILMEA Festival Chorus Information

2015 Junior ILMEA Festival - CHORUS
(Illinois Music Educators’ Association District IX Festival) 
The ILMEA Festival is an all-day event in which some of the top student musicians from the area get a unique opportunity to work with a special guest conductor and perform in concert that afternoon.  All 7th  & 8th grade vocal students who are members of their school choral programs can audition for this ILMEA music festival.  It is truly an honor to be selected, as you will be representing your school among all the other middle schools in the area!
If you are seriously interested in auditioning, make sure to read the following information below carefully and begin practicing accordingly. Be aware that you must be available all day on both Saturday, October 3 (audition day) AND November 21 (performance).

Permission Form:

Audition Information: 

Date of ILMEA Festival: 
  • Saturday, November 21, 2015 
  • Location: Plano High School, 704 W. Abe St., Plano, IL 60545
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Plano H.S. 

Prepared Choral MUSIC to demonstrate for ILMEA audition:
  • Skills: sing a Major Scale, Major Triad, and Minor Triad ascending and descending 
  • Skills may be sung on solfege, pitch numbers or neutral syllable like “nooo”. Humming will not be allowed.
    • Sopranos will start their major scale on the pitch “E” – major triad on “E” – minor triad on “C#”. 
    • Altos will start their major scale on “C” – major triad on “E” – minor triad on “C#”. 
    • Baritones will start their major scale and triads on what is given to them by their director. 

Combo Students:
  • Please speak with your directors if you plan on auditioning for more than one event. (And also indicate this on the permission form.) 

Your Voice Part:
  • Boys (or any girl who does not know) should check with the chorus teacher to see which part to audition on: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass.

Choir Help Sessions:
  • Help sessions will be provided for students before or after school on scheduled dates and times. Students are expected to sign up for help sessions in order to prepare for the auditions. The sign-up sheets will be located in the chorus room. 

IMEA Junior Chorus Practice Website:
Good luck!