Charles Arthur Floyd mugshot from Missouri State Penitentiary.

     Teen Floyd.                            Charles Arthur Floyd.              Charles Arthur Floyd Pueblo, Colorado mugshot.

ID Card front

ID Card Back

Picture of Floyd and his wife, Ruby                         Mugshot                              Mugshot in Liberty Mag 1934 [1]

      "Douglas" Family [2]                                                                              Floyd's funeral.

[1] In the Liberty Magazine 1934 story, Floyd was blamed for the Kansas City Massacre death of McAlester Police Chief Otto Reed.
[2] Floyd and his family were living under aliases.  Floyd was pretending to be a salesman named Charles Douglas. Ruby and Dempsey Douglas were his wife and son.

Floyd family, Charles is on the bottom right (TruTV)

Charles Arthur Floyd's Death Mask

FBI Agents display the lifeless body of Floyd after he was killed in a shootout on Oct. 22, 1934.