Charles Arthur Floyd also known as Pretty Boy Floyd or Choctaw (shortened to Choc) Floyd (a.k.a. The Robin Hood of Cookson Hills) was born on February 3, 1904.  He was a notorious bank robber and operated mainly in the Midwest.  His exploits gained heavy press in the 1930s like most outlaws of the period.    

Floyd was born in Georgia, but lived mostly in Oklahoma during his childhood.  He spent time in Kansas, Arkansas, and Missouri.  His first arrest came at the age of 18 when he stole $3.50 in coins from the local post office.  Three years later he was arrested (at the age of 21) for a payroll robbery (September 16, 1925) in St. Louis, Missouri.  He served five years in prison.

When Floyd was paroled, he entered into partnerships with Kansas City criminals.  He proceeded to rob a series of banks over the next several years.  It was during this period that Floyd gained his nickname "Pretty Boy".  There are three diverging accounts as to how he received this nickname.  One states that prostitutes he frequented gave it to him, but the more accepted theory is that a payroll master described him to police, saying: "[he was] a mere boy, a pretty boy with apple cheeks."  Another theory was that his girlfriend Beulah Baird nicknamed him.  Like Baby Face Nelson, Floyd hated his nickname.

Floyd took part in several robberies throughout his life and suspected in many crimes.  Floyd had one son during his lifetime.  Floyd like many other outlaws of the Depression-Era was gunned down by officers.