Curriculum vitae

Mauna Kea, Hawai'i

Kristopher Imbrigotta

University of Puget Sound
Department of German Studies
1500 North Warner St.
Tacoma, WA  98416
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                                            University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin
2006-2013                                     PhD, German Studies (Art History/Comparative Literature minor)

2004-2006                                    Master of Arts, German Studies (
May 2006)   

Universität Hamburg (Fulbright Fellow)

2000-2003                       Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
                                                        Bachelor of Arts in German and International Studies (June 2003)

Other Experience Abroad:

2015                                   DAAD/Fulbright Lehrfortbildung, Universität Leipzig
2012                                   Universität Bonn (Sommerakademie "Zeit und Literatur")
2006-07, 10, 11                Akademie der Künste, Bertolt-Brecht-Archiv, Berlin (DAAD Fellow)
2003-04                            English Language Teacher, Hansa-Gymnasium Bergedorf, Hamburg
Study Abroad, Salzburg/Austria       

“Framing Brecht: Photography and Experiment in the
Modellbücher, Arbeitsjournale, and Kriegsfibel   (Advisor: Marc Silberman)

Theater is not just a visual art form but also a performative and interactive one. Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) developed an innovative theater aesthetic that engaged in distinct ways with visual imagery—especially photographs. These images were vital to both the performance aspect and dramaturgical reception of his craft. Photographs figure significantly in his prose and poetry as well as his essayistic work. While scholars have devoted attention to Brecht’s contribution to film, radio, and his work in other experimental media, few have addressed the fundamental questions I investigate: How does Brecht employ photography to expose and critique social relations? How did his engagement with the photographic medium differ from that of his contemporaries? This study 1) investigates how photography and mixed-genre experimentation impact his conception of the epic theater, especially in the Modellbücher (model books of the play productions in collaboration with Ruth Berlau and others at the Berliner Ensemble); 2) examines Brecht’s engagement with photography, looking at how the image-texts interrelate in his Kriegsfibel photograms and autographic entries in the Arbeitsjournale; 3) locates instances in the corpus of textual and visual materials relating to his thoughts on and artistic production with images. This study argues for a visual approach to Brecht’s work, providing new insight into his dramatic theories (Gestus, Verfremdungseffekt), theatrical praxis, and his contributions to visual historiography. Brecht developed techniques to redefine how we “read” mass media images in order to expose contradictions and re-function history.

Research Interests:              18th-21st century literature and culture

                                                        Theater History, Performance Studies, and Drama Pedagogy

                                              Visual Culture Studies, Media Theory and History (photography, film, architecture)



                                              Digital Humanities


I. Peer-reviewed Articles
, Chapters

4. "(Re)Building the Engaged Spectator: The Katzgraben Programmhefte of the Berliner Ensemble, 1953/1972." Brecht Yearbook 39 (2015).

"Slatan Dudow's Wie der Arbeiter wohnt." German Cinema: A Critical Filmography to 1945. Eds. Todd Herzog and Todd Heidt
    (Montreal: Caboose, 2015). [chapter forthcoming]

2. “History and the Challenge of Photography in Bertolt Brecht’s Kriegsfibel.” Radical History Review 106 (Winter 2010): 27-45.
[Also appears in: War Primer 2]

1. “Brecht’s ‘Fischweiber’: Crossroads of Criticism and Transformation.” Brecht Yearbook 34 (2009): 226-241.

II. Editorial Work

1. "Teaching Brecht." Special Issue of Brecht Yearbook. Guest Editors: Kristopher Imbrigotta and Per Urlaub. [expected 2016]

III. Translation Work

2. Hölbl, Günther. "Ptolemy," "Philae," "Kom Ombo," "Esna," "Dendera," and "Birth House." Cambridge Dictionary of Ancient Mediterranean Religions. Ed. Eric Orlin. New York: Cambridge University Press. [forthcoming]

1. Brecht, Bertolt. Brecht on Theatre. Eds. Marc Silberman, Steve Giles, and Tom Kuhn. Bloomsbury: London/New York, 2014.
Selected texts:

    “The Progressiveness of the Stanislavsky System”
    “On the Art of Spectatorship”
    “Maintaining Gestures over Multiple Generations”

    “The Attitude of the Rehearsal Director (in the Inductive Process)”
    “What Makes an Actor”
    “About Our Stagings”
    “[The Plot]”

    “On Stanislavsky”
    “Stanislavsky Studies [3]”
    “A Few Thoughts on the Stanislavsky Conference”

IV. Book Reviews, Performance Reviews, Interviews

10. Barnett, David. Brecht in Practice: Theatre, Theory and Performance. London/New York: Bloombury, 2015.
[German Studies Review, 2016]

Magilow, Daniel. The Photography of Crisis: The Photo Essays of Weimar Germany. University Park: Pennsylvania State U Press, 2012.
[H-Net German, 2015]

Zervigón, Andrés Mario. John Heartfield and the Agitated Image: Photography, Persuasion, and the Rise of Avant-Garde Photomontage. Chicago: U Chicago Press, 2012.
[H-Net German, 2014]

"To Pea or Not to Pea. Büchner's Woyzeck in Madison." Communications of the International Brecht Society 42 (2013): 133-143.
[interview dossier]

Hillenbach, Anne-Kathrin. Literatur und Fotografie. Analysen eines intermedialen Verhältnisses. Bielefeld: Transcript, 2012.
[Monatshefte 105:3 (Fall 2013): 536-538.]

5. Zinn, Andreas. Bildersturmspiele. Intermedialität im Werk Bertolt Brechts. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2011.
[Monatshefte 105:1 (Spring 2013): 163-165.]

4. “Shell, Shell, Shell! Archer/Morley tackle Brecht/Weill, Weimar cabaret, and Big Oil (among others)." Communications of the
International Brecht Society
39 (2010): 73-76.
[performance review]

3. Gillett, Robert and Godela Weiss-Sussex, eds. "Verwisch die Spuren!" Bertolt Brecht's Work and Legacy: A Reassessment.
Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2008.
[Monatshefte 102:1 (Spring 2010): 109-111.]

2. Kaynar, Gad and Linda Ben-Zvi, eds. Bertolt Brecht: Performance and Philosophy. Tel Aviv: Assaph Books, 2005.
[Brecht Yearbook 34 (2009): 275-279.]

1. “Brecht and Asia: A Bibliography” in Electronic Communications of the International Brecht Society
[ECIBS 38 2009] <>

Teaching Experience

I. University of Puget Sound

German 470: Humor, Culture, Society (senior capstone seminar)
German 305: German Cinema
German 304: German Cultural History and Politics (19th cent. - today)
German 303: German Mentalities (contemporary culture, adv. conversation)
German 302: Drama and Performance (with public play performance)
German 202: Fourth-Semester German
German 201: Third-Semester German
German 102: Second-Semester German
German 101: First-Semester German

II. UW-Madison

German 305: 20th/21st Century Literature (teaching practicum)
German 249: Intermediate German–Speaking & Listening (third-year level)
German 258: Intermediate German–Reading (third-year level)
German 272: Nazi Culture (course assistant, Professor Jost Hermand)
German 204: Fourth-Semester German, Head Teaching Assistant
Mini-Seminar Course: "Art in the Third Reich"
German 203: Third-Semester German

Mini-Seminar Course: "German Expressionism"

German 102: Second-Semester German
, Head Teaching Assistant
German 101: First-Semester German

III. Other

English Language Teacher: English Department, Hansa-Gymnasium Bergedorf, Hamburg, Germany

Research and Professional Experience

2012                                       Program Assistant, Center for Early Modern Studies, UW-Madison
                                                Director: Sabine Mödersheim

                          Project and Research Assistant, William F. Vilas Research Professor Emeritus Jost Hermand
                                                Department of German, UW-Madison
                                                Selected Manuscripts:
                                                Culture in Dark Times: Nazi Fascism, Inner Emigration, Exile (New York: Berghahn, 2012).
                                                Verlorene Illusionen. Eine Geschichte des deutschen Nationalismus (Köln: Böhlau, 2012).
                                                Deutsche Geheimgesellschaften. Herausgegeben von Jost Hermand und Sabine Mödersheim (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2013).
                                                Unerfüllte Hoffnungen. Rückblicke auf die Literatur der DDR (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2013).
Freunde, Promis, Kontrahenten. Politbiographische Momentaufnahmen (Köln: Böhlau, 2013).

2007-2009, 2011                 Editorial Assistant
                                               Monatshefte für deutschsprachige Literatur und Kultur
Oldest continuing journal of German studies in the US
                                                 Department of German, UW-Madison and University of Wisconsin Press
Editors: Hans Adler and Sabine Gross

2007                                      Production Team (sound engineering, props, technical assistance)
                                                Department of German Play: "Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung" (Ödön von Horváth)
                                                Regie: Manfred Roth (Frankfurt/Main)

2006-2010                            Moderator, International Brecht Society listserve

2005-2009                            Researcher / Bibliographer, UW-Madison Digital Collections Library and Bertolt-Brecht-Archiv, Berlin
                                                 “Brecht’s Works in English: A Bibliography
                                                 2,600+ bibliographic records (2009)

2005-2010                            Website Manager, International Brecht Society

2002                                       Intern / Translator, Gesellschaft für Ornithologie und
                                                 Naturschutz Rheinland-Pfalz e.V., Steiningen, Germany

2002-2003                            German Language Tutor, Ohio University

Language Proficiency:            English (native speaker)
                                                           German (near-native; ACTFL "Superior" rating)
                                                           French (basic reading knowledge)
                                                           Latin (intermediate)

Fellowships, Honors, Awards, and Grants

2015                                       DAAD/Fulbright Summer Workshop participant, University of Leipzig

2014                                       Discretionary Fund Grant, Office of the Academic Vice President, University of Puget Sound

2013                                       Recipient, Graduate Student Competition, Women in German

2013                                       Vilas Conference Grant, Graduate School, UW-Madison (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

2012-present                       DAAD Research Ambassador

2012                                      Vilas Conference Grant, Graduate School, UW-Madison (New York)

2011                                      Graduate Research Grant, Graduate School, UW-Madison (Berlin, Augsburg)

2010                                     DAAD Research Fellow, Bertolt-Brecht-Archiv / Akademie der Künste (Berlin)

2009                                     Vilas Travel Grant, Graduate School, UW-Madison (Berlin)

2008                                     Research Travel Grant, Center for German and European Studies (CGES), UW-Madison (Berlin)

2007                                      Research Collaborative Fellow, DAAD / Center for German and European Studies, UW-Madison

2003                                     Fulbright Fellow, Hamburg, Germany. Institute for International Education (IIE), USA,
                                               and Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD), Germany

2004-2012                          Graduate Assistantship, Department of German, UW-Madison

2003                                     American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) German Language Evaluation
                                               Result: “Superior” rating

Conference Participation, Workshops, and Invited Talks

June 2016                   International Brecht Society 15th Symposium, Oxford University/St Hugh's College, UK
                                      Recycling Brecht
                                      Paper: "Betrayal and Homage: War Primer 2 and the Problem of Appropriation"
                                      Panel moderator: "Teaching Brecht"

October 2015             German Studies Association Conference, Washington DC
                                      Panel moderator: "Translating Brecht"

January 2015             
Modern Language Association Convention, Vancouver BC, Canada
                                     Panel co-organizer and respondent: "Brecht, Protest, Youth"

Nov 2014                    AATG/ACTFL Conference, San Antonio, TX
                                     Paper: "Show and Tell: Performing Epic Theatre in the German Language Classroom"

February 2014           Asia and the Pacific in German Culture, Honolulu, Hawai'i
                                      University of Hawai’i at Manoa
                                      Paper: “Enemy Aliens? Brecht and the Japanese Minority in the US”

January 2014             Modern Language Association Convention, Chicago
                                      Panel co-organizer and respondent: "Fifty Shades of Brecht:
Vulnerability vs. Autonomy
                                      Among Brecht’s Female Collaborators" (with Women in German)

September 2013        Washington Association of Teachers of German Fall Workshop, Snoqualmie, WA

May 2013                   
International Brecht Society 14th Symposium, Porto Alegre, Brazil
                                      The Creative Spectator: Collision and Dialogue
                                      Paper: "Engaged Spectator, Active Citizen: Looking to the Programmhefte of the Berliner Ensemble"  [schedule here]
                                      Workshop participant: Zuschauer als Masse und Individuum / Spectators as Masses and Individuals

February 2013           Department of German
                                      Lawrence University, Appleton, WI
                                      Paper: "Berlin after the Wall: Contemporary Representations and Literary Spaces" (Invited Talk)

Jan 2013                     Department of German and Russian
                                     Carleton College, Northfield, MN
                                     Paper: "The Brown Brew of History: Architecture, Topography, and German Identity" (Invited Talk)

Oct/Nov 2012            DAAD Workshops for Graduate Funding, UW-Madison    
                                      The Research Landscape in Germany
Departments of Art History, Sociology, German

July 2012                     Sommerakademie der Universität Bonn, Germany
                                      Literatur und Zeit

                                      Paper: "'Grenzen einhalten, Grenzen überschreiten': Zeit und Historiographie in Brechts Arbeitsjournalen"

April 2012                  
University of Rochester, New York
                                      Mimesis Now
“Breaking the Mirror: Brecht’s Problem with Mimesis”

March 2012                 Humboldt-Kolleg, Madison, Wisconsin
                                       Deutsche Geheimgesellschaften / German Secret Societies

                                       Conference support and reader: “Ein Gespenst geht um in Europa: Secret Societies and the Beginnings of the
                                       German Workers’ Movement” (author: Carol Poore, Brown University)

January 2012              Modern Language Association Convention, Seattle
                                       Panel co-organizer and moderator: "Multi-mediated Brecht" (with International Brecht Society)

September 2010        Hella Mears Graduate Forum, Center for German and European Studies
                                      University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
                                      Panel: "Crafting a Dissertation in the Humanities" and dissertation presentation (Invited Talk)

May 2010                    International Brecht Society 13th Symposium, Honolulu, Hawai'i
University of Hawai'i at Manoa
                                      Brecht and/in Asia
                                      Panel organizer:  "Asian Theatre and the Lehrstück"

February 2010           Brecht-Tage 2010: Berlin, Germany
Bild und Bildkünste bei Brecht
                                      Panel: "Alles schon gesagt?"  Junge WissenschaftlerInnen diskutieren Ansätze und Perspektiven für die
                                      Auseinandersetzung mit dem Werk Brechts

                                      Panel discussion with PhD candidates and their work on Brecht
                                      Paper: "Framing Brecht: Fotografie und Experiment in seinen Werken"

December 2009         Modern Language Association Convention, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                                      Panel: "Post-Communist Brecht"
                                      Paper: "'Die Wahrheit ist konkret' or 'Verdunkelung der Tatbestände'? Brecht and Images of War in
                                      Contemporary Context

November 2009        Graduate Research Colloquium, Department of German, UW-Madison
                                      Dissertation research presentation: Brecht's Model Books

June 2009                  Center for European Studies, UW-Madison, Summer Teacher Workshop:

                                 Looking Forward, Looking Back: Causes and Consequences of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (Invited Talk)

                                              Panel organizer and speaker
                                                 Paper: "Architectural and Identity Debates in Berlin after the Wall"

March 2009               Department of German, UW-Madison
Regionalism and Borders
                                      Panel moderator
: "Boundaries in the Classroom"

March 2008              
Department of German, UW-Madison
                                      Recognizing (Dis)Order
                                      Conference co-organizer and panel moderator: "Collapse and Regeneration"

March 2007               
Department of German, UW-Madison
                                      Translation, Transfer, Transformation
                                      Paper: “Brecht’s 'Fischweiber': Crossroads of Criticism and Transformation”

March 2006               
Department of German, UW-Madison
                                      Voices Throughout the Ages
                                      Paper: “You Are Now Leaving the German Sector: Finding Germany in the New Berlin”

March 2005                Alumni Keynote Address, Delta Phi Alpha German Honor Society, Ohio University (Invited Talk)

Departmental and University Service

I. Professional Memberships and Affiliations

German Studies Association
Women in German

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
International Brecht Society
American Association of Teachers of German
Modern Language Association
Delta Phi Alpha, National German Honor Society

II. Department of German Studies, Puget Sound

Curriculum Development
                    GERM 470    Humor, Culture, Society

Guest Lecture/Discussion: Epic Theatre Methods and Practices (course: "Theatre History II")
Organizer: guest campus visit and screening: Alles was wir wollen with dir. Beatrice Möller, German Studies/Gender Studies (March 2014)
Co-organizer: Stammtisch, Kaffeestunde, Film series
Organizer: German excursion weekend for undergraduates (Leavenworth, WA)
Coordinator: second-year German program (201, 202)
Coordinator: first-year German program (101, 102)
Faculty Supervisor: teaching practicum in German (101)
Faculty Supervisor: German outreach program for elementary schools (Washington Elementary, Tacoma WA)
Organizer: outreach for film screening and discussions, The Grand Cinema (Tacoma, WA)
III. Department of German, UW-Madison

Organizer: Graduate Literature Research Colloquium Series
Member: Lectures and Roundtables committee (department Kaffeestunde)
Member: Graduate Program committee (graduate policy)
DOCh ("Deutscher Online Chat" program for undergraduates)
Co-President: German and Dutch Graduate Student Association
Graduate Student Mentor (incoming graduate students)
Member: Course Scheduling committee

IV. Research Groups, UW-Madison

Member: Translation and Transformation: Transfer Processes across Languages, Media, and Cultures (Center for the Humanities)

Member: Visual Cultures Graduate Student Focus Group (Center for Visual Culture)

V. Community Service

Sound Ensemble Wisconsin
ACT Ride volunteer, Wisconsin

Madison Area Community Supported Agricultural Coalition, Wisconsin
Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin
Monday Creek Restoration Project, Ohio
Council of International Programs USA, Ohio

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