Imath overview

Edit math text in Emacs in a WYSWYG way

Imath mode is an extesion to Imaxima package. Imaxima is a Maxima inteface realized in Emacs. Note that all the output from Maxima is processed by LaTeX and Ghostscript and displayed in the Emacs buffer using its image handling feature. Imath mode is a minor mode to aid you write math formulas embedded in the plain text, based on the Imaxima's ability to translate Maxima and LaTeX commands to beautiful math formulas.

Imath mode enables you to write a short memo with mathematical formula quite easily. You can write a text with embedded Maxima or LaTeX commands. They can be converted to images of math formulas and displayed inside the Emacs buffer. You can do normal editing in the Emacs buffer as well as writing formulas and converting them to images.

Writing this memo into an Emacs buffer with imath minor mode enabled, and you will obtain the following result:

You can process {maxima ... maxima} one by one as soon as you finish typing each one. Or you can process all of the {maxima ... maxima} appeared in the buffer at once.

Maxima commands are first executed by Maxima and results are obtained, then the results are converted to LaTeX commands. LaTeX commands, regardless they are written by you or generated by Maxima, are processed by latex and ghostscript to generate PNG image files. Once the images are generated, they are attached to the original Maxima or LaTeX command text so that images are displayed, overlaying the command text.

The Imath mode is implemented as a minor mode in Emacs. This means that you can combine whatever major modes with the Imath minor mode.

Install imath

When you download imaxima-imath package from "Download and Install" page and install imaxima according to the page, imath.el is also installed appropriately.


This is a GPL software. Yasuaki Honda, the author of the imath.el provides Imath package as is without any warranty. If you find bugs, please contact: .