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Irrigation Game

Aim of this Game

Enhancing efficiency of irrigated water management by 2015.

Issues addressed

  • Uncontrolled water usage.

  • Illegal water connections.

  • Inadequate technical skills.

  • Non payment water fees.

  • Malicious damage of infrastructure.

  • Reduction in water flows.

  • Non-compliance with project constitutional by laws.

Game structure / Spatial map

Players' roles & other relevant stakeholders



  • Crop farmer - banana growing, paw paw growing, tree nursery.

  • Livestock farmer- banana growing, dairy farming, paw paw growing, t tree nursery growing.

  • Commercial tree nursery farming- tree nursery,banana growing,pawpaw growing.

  • Project administrator – water regulation,infrastructure,maintenance.

  • WRUA
  • Relevant government institution.
  • Financial institutions
  • Project staff.

Resources considered

  • Water

  • Soil/land

  • Money

  • Man power

  • Biodiversity.

Activities per role

  • Banana growing

  • Paw paw growing

  • Dairy farming

  • Commercial tree nurseries.

Environmental dynamic

  • rain water availability
  • seasonal variability for crop production

Rules for the players

  • increase income
  • Use legal water connections otherwise pay 2money units and water disconnected.
  • A player only gets 2water units once per playing round (2000lts)

Game organization

Game was modeled from kithigiri kamatungu irrigation project.