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A Brief History of iMAUG

iMAUG began formally in 1999 as a small group (20-30) of municipal GIS and mapping professionals.  Our vision was to create a network of GIS professionals that had similar interests and goals, as well as a forum to frankly discuss issues we deal with in a non-commercial environment.  Every municipal GIS has similar goals, however, we discovered there are many significantly different ways to reach those objectives. By coming together, we have accomplished many great things that might have not been possible without the assistance of others!  We have a better ability to look at situations from new and different angles, or in a different light. It has been fun and interesting getting to know all of the area GIS Professionals and trade data, RFP’s, formats, and ideas. The membership has skyrocketed (now over 200 members) with the incredible proliferation of GIS. The more members we have, the more minds we can utilize to solve the world’s problems (or at least our regional government problems).