Il Municipal Arc Users Group


The Illinois Municipal Arc Users Group (iMAUG) was created to foster relationships among regional government employees who work with GIS on a regular basis. Members meet quarterly in the greater Chicagoland area to discuss past projects, their methodology, lessons learned, and results. iMAUG also has an online forum where members can informally discuss policy issues, equipment choices, programming questions, troubleshoot with one another, and many other topics.

About Us

iMAUG was formally created in 1999 with the goal of creating a network of municipal GIS and mapping professionals and a forum in which they could informally discuss projects and challenges they face in a non-commercial environment.

Many municipal GIS professionals have similar goals and responsibilities, however, there are many different ways to reach accomplish them. By coming together and collaborating, we are able to discuss projects with other members who may have had a simliar project or experience and they can identify what methods worked, what didn't, lessons learned, and what they wish they knew when starting out. By collaborating we are able to achieve our goals more efficiently than we might as individuals.

In iMAUG's 20+ years, it has been great growing our network of GIS professionals, and now with over 200 members sharing information, ideas, and experiences, iMAUG is truly an invaluable resource. If you are in the GIS profession and employed by a municipality, county, or similar government organization, we'd love to have you on our forums and at our quarterly meetings!

To join, visit our group forum here, or email the iMAUG President with your name and organization.