GCHQ Prize Shortlist

The following talks have been shortlised forthe GCHQ Prize

Thomas McDonald, Newcastle University, Vortex Visualiser

Yohance Osborne, University College London, The Browder-Minty Theorem for Nonlinear Monotone Operators

Abhimanyu Pallavi Sudhir, Imperial College London, The Generalised Cauchy Derivative as a Principal Value of the Grünwald-Letnikov Fractional Derivative for Divergent Expansions

Jasper Salisbury, University of Brighton, An Exploration of the Behaviour of Space Plasma Interacting with Earth's Bow Shock

GCHQ Prize Winner: Thomas McDonald

Criteria for GCHQ Prize

We are grateful to GCHQ for sponsoring a prize for the best presentation at the conference.


  1. Evidence of an excellent understanding of the mathematics involved in the problem proposed.
  2. Evidence of collaboration and team work either with your peers, with your tutors or with outside contacts.
  3. An understanding of current research in the area examined and an indication of further research that could be undertaken.
  4. An innovative approach to a standard problem.

All applications for the award will be considered, the best submissions will be shortlisted and the presentations will be judged on the day. Short-listed candidates will be notified in advance of the conference. Applications from groups are encouraged as well as from individuals.

The best presentation will receive a cheque for £300 awarded by GCHQ. The communication skills, style and delivery of the presentation will be a deciding factor in the outcome.

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