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New: All options are available through corresponding commandline interface, getter-setter approach or through TCP when using -server on option.
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DecriptionShortcutGetterSetterFirst appears inValues DomainUsage ExampleDefault Value
DecriptionShortcutGetterSetterFirst appears inValues DomainUsage ExampleDefault Value
Map Zoom Level. Observation Detalization for Map. 0 - the most detailed -zm getZLevelMap  SimulationOptions 0, 1, 2 -zm 0 
Enemies Zoom Level. Observation Detalization for Enemies. 0 - The most detailed. -ze getZLevelEnemies  SimulationOptions 0, 1, 2 -ze 1 
Enable Visualization -vis boolean isVisualization() setVisualization(boolean) SimulationOptions on/off "-vis on" through application parameters or setVisualization(true)  
set main View to be on top of other windows. (View Always On Top) -vaot boolean isViewAwaysOnTop()  EvaluationOptions on/off -vaot on off 
Time Limit -tl getTimeLimit()  SimulationOptions [1..MAXINT], units: marioseconds (faster that the usual ones) -tl 42 200 
World Timer. Gives the Agent the opportunity of infinite time per level -t Boolean isTimer()   on/off -t off on 
Stop Simulation when first Win obtained -ssiw Boolean isStopSimulationIfWin() setStopSimulationIfWin (boolean) SimulationOptions on/off -ssiw on off 
Enable Tools Configurator. Special run: java ch.idsia.toolsConfigurations -tc  boolean isToolsConfigurator() setToolsConfigurator (boolean) CmdLineOptions on/off Special run: java ch.idsia.toolsConfigurations -tc on off 
Enable Framework to work in server mode. -server   CmdLineOptions on/off -server on off 
Pause of the World. Freezes animation of all the sprites and disables Mario interaction with creatures. Mario still can run and get level observation -pw Boolean isPauseWorld() setPauseWorld(boolean) SimulationOptions on/off -pw on off 
Enable Power restoration by pressing speed button (A on a keyboard) -pr isPowerRestoration() setPowerRestoration(boolean) SimulationOptions on/off -pr on off 
Port for the ServerAgent -port Integer getServerAgentPort()  CmdLineOptions integers in [3500..65535] -port 4264 or -ag ServerAgent:4264 4242 
Mario Mode -mm int getMarioMode() setMarioMode(int) SimulationOptions 0 -- small,1 - large, 2 - large, fire ability is available -mm 1 2 (large, fire) 
Maximize FPS as much as possible -maxFPS Boolean isMaxFPS() setMaxFPS(boolean )  on/off  -maxFPS on off 
Matlab file name for the report output -m String getMatlabFileName() setMatlabFileName( String) EvaluationOptions [\w+] -m iMarioReport "" 
Level Type -lt int getLevelType() void setLevelType(int levelType) SimulationOptions integers [0..4] (Overground, Underground, Castle, Random)  "-lt 1" sets the level type to Underground 
Level Randomization Seed -ls int getLevelRandSeed() setLevelRandSeed(int) SimulationOptions integers in [1..maxInt] -ls 42 
Level Length -ll int getLevelLength() setLevelLength(int) SimulationOptions integers in [1..4096] -ll 550 320 
Level Difficulty. Note: interesting domain is approximately 0..30 -ld int getLevelDifficulty() setLevelDifficulty(int) SimulationOptions integers is [0..maxInt] -ld 5 
Enable Continuous Updates in GameViewer -gvc Boolean isGameViewerContinuousUpdates()  CmdLineOptions on/off -gvc on off 
Enable Game Viewer -gv Boolean isGameViewer()  CmdLineOptions on/off -gv on off 
exit program when simulation is over -ewf Boolean isExitProgramWhenFinished() setExitProgramWhen Finished(boolean) EvaluationOptions on/off -ewf off on 
Output all command line options to console after initialization -echo Boolean isEcho()  CmdLineOptions on/off -echo on off 
Maximum Number of Attempts -an int getMaxAttempts() setMaxAttempts(int) SimulationOptions integers in [1..maxInt] -an 42 5 (in case of ServerAgent : infinite) 
Agent -ag Agent getAgent() setAgent(Agent) SimulationOptions implementations of Agent or `-ag AgentName` in command line, AgentName should extend RegisterableAgent in order for the native agent to be available from command line. 1. `-ag ForwardAgent`. 2. `-ag ServerAgent` -- binds a ServerAgent to a default port 4242. 3. `-ag ServerAgent:4264` -- to a custom port 4264. The same as `-ag ServerAgent -port 4264` HumanKeyboardAgent 
Showing 25 items
Sergey Karakovskiy,
14 May 2009, 04:52