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Duties towards a Mayyit - Part 1: Sakarat
Duties towards a Mayyit - Part 2: Rules For Performing Ghusl
Duties towards a Mayyit - Part 3: The Kafan (shrouding)
Duties towards a Mayyit - Part 4: Salaat-e-Mayyit and Burial
Explains the 10 Branches of Religion
Rules of Fasting
Halal and Haraam Foods
Covers all Ghusls Wajib for Men and Women, as well as how to perform Ghusl
Covers all aspects of Haj from Umra-e Tamattu
These slides show what to do when one has an Obstruction, Bandage, or Medicine on a Part of Wudhu
Covers Details on Ghusls which are Wajib only for Women
Explains Terms used within the Syllabus
Talks about Compulsory and voluntary Taxes in Islam
Discusses that which make Najis things Pak
Explains how one should go about making a Vow, Oath, or Covenant within Shariah
Discusses Mustahab Prayers which carry a lot of Benefit if offerred
Discusses those things which are Impure
Explains how to find the Direction to Pray and what to do if you haven't got a clue
Translation of the Dhikr of Salaat in English
Discusses the Rules of Praying
Explains when to offer Prayers of Ayaat, and how to offer them
Explains how to offer Prayers on Eid
Discussed the benefits of Praying Together and how to do it
Explains the Rules of Friday Prayers
Explains Rules of how to Offer Prayers when Travelling
Explains what to do when in Doubt in Prayers
Discusses the Attributes of God
Discusses the Attributes God does not have
Discusses one of the Responsibilities when becoming Baligh
Discusses Alternatives to Performing Wudhu or Ghusl
Explanation of Terminology generally used within the Syllabus
Discusses the Roots of Religion
Explains the Compulsory Actions of Prayer
Explains how to Wash oneself in Preparation for Prayers
Discusses another Islamix Tax