1) Namaaz(Prayer)
The daily five-time prayers which are detailed elsewhere are all obligatory and should be performed on their occasions in fulfilment of prescribed conditions. The Quran has repeatedly enjoined upon every Muslim the offering of prayers
(Iaqam as Salat):
Verily! I am Allah(s.w.t),there is no good but I,therefore submit to Me and Offer prayers to mention Me.20:14.
Recite from the Book revealed to thee and offer prayer! Prayer restrains from filth an evil without doubt,and Allah(s.w.t) knows what you do.29:45.
O my son! Offer prayers and enjoin the good and forbid the evil and be patien whatever betide thee: for firmness in the conduct of affairs.31:17.

2) Roza (fasting)

3) Hajj (Pilgrimage)
Every Muslim is enjoined to go to Mecca, Once in the life time, for Pilgrimage which becomes obligatory when a man has funds enough for his return journey as well as maintenance of his family and is able to fultil other condition laid down for Hajj.
This is performed on the 9th of the last month of islamic (Luner) month Zilhajj. Proclaim the Hajj among people so that they come to you of foot and on camels of any kind from deep and distant places.22:27.
The Hajj of the House of Allah(s.w.t)(Ka'baa) is obligatory on every one who has means for the journey to it.3:97

4) Zakaat(Wealth Tax)
It is incumbent upon every one to pay wealth-tax on gold, silver,cattle and agricultural produce, when all condition are fulfilled.  This contribution is termed ZAKAAT and should be paid to poor Shia Muslims Ithnaasheris having a right to it.
The Quran had commanded the payment of Zakaat almost as vigorously as the saying of prayers so much so that almost every verse which speakes of saying of prayers speakers of payment of Zakaat, e,g:

 And offer prayers  And pat Zakaat  And bow down with those Who bow down(in worship)

5) Khums (one-Fifth Levy or Income Tax)

6) Jehad (The Holy WAr)
Defence is unquestionably the most important phase of a community life.  Islam provides for the defence of the Muslim community by imposition of what is called JEHAD. It means fighting in the path of ALLAH(s.w.t) in response to the call from the Prophet(pbuh) or the Imam of the Age.
And fight in the cause of ALLAH(s.w.t) against those who fight against you: but do not transgress because of ALLAH(s.w.t) does not love trasgressors.2:190

7) Amr Bil Maaroof
It means enjoining to good. If a person does not fulfil the Obligations laid down by ALLAH(s.w.t), it it is obligatory on us to guide him to the right path provided we have a hope that he will follow our guidance.

8) Nahiy Anil Munkar
It means forbidding the prohibited things or works. We should ask any man found doing things prohibited by ALLAH(s.w.t), to refrain from such deeds, provided we have a hope tht he will act on our advice.

9) Tawalla
It means to love the 14(Fourteen) Masumeen(a.s) and keep friends with their followers.

10) Tabarra
Its means that we should remain aloof from the enemies of the 14(Fourteen) Masumeen(a.s).