About Gigi


Artist Statement

Would you believe paint‑by‑numbers in early childhood began the fascination with paint and brushes? Later, a high school art class introduced a wide variety of options for artistic expression, but it was an introductory night class in oil painting that began a life-long journey of self-discovery and passion in art.

Experimentations with numerous art mediums, as well as digital photography, have all been studied and enjoyed. I am always excited to explore a different unfamiliar art method as I am naturally very curious. I always have a camera with me and depend on those images as reference material, therefore, my style leans toward realism and/or impressionism. Weekend and week‑long workshops, private tutoring, online courses, television programs, DVD lessons, art galleries and exhibitions, have all contributed to further developing one skill or another.

I have become aware that I am drawn by some innate predisposition to notice details and pay attention to the fleeting little miracles I see all around me, that others often overlook. Consequently, I am continuously reminded that moments are precious and we need to embrace them because undeniably, life is unpredictable, as I have experienced personally. I hope to inspire you to explore and rejoice in the splendour in your life, by sharing what I observe and am enchanted by, in mine.


Her lifelong desire for creative expression was summed up in a magazine article she stumbled upon: Artists are artists because they can’t help it – they just are and they do art for the love of it or because they can’t stop themselves. – Robert Bateman.


 Rayside-Balfour Whitewater Brush and Palette Art Club
Art Exhibition and Sale 2010