Gallery of Artwork...some of my favorite pieces.

Watercolour: Innocent Curiosity

Watercolour: Killarney Lighthouse

Watercolour: Homework Support Team

Graphite pencil: Midsummer Knight Majesty

Watercolour: Passion's Glory

Watercolour: Aim High

Watercolour: Violetta

Graphite pencil: Hope of Spring

Acrylic: Passion

Pastel: Neys Driftwood
Pastel: Neys Driftwood

Acrylic: Célébration D'Amour

Watercolour: SeeYa

Graphite Pencil: Dancing Ribbons

Watercolour: Minnow Fascination, Reference photo by Larry Black

Graphite Pencil: Zephyr

Watercolour: Calla Lillies

Pastel: Singing for his Supper

Graphite pencil: White Velvet

Watercolour: Leap of Faith

Watercolour: Evening Splendour

Oil: Hotflash from Childhood

Watercolour: Starlight Dance

Acrylic: NOMDAAA Family