City of Ormoc

Ormoc City - The Cleanest City in The Entire Nation     

      This monument  was built  to commerate  the time when the city of Ormoc was hailed  as the cleanest            city   for  the  entire  country.Up  to  now  Ormoc city  is  a  pleasant  city  to visit  because the cleanliness             of the  streets.The   monument is located in front  of Hotel Don Filipe  and is within  the   Ormoc  Bay Park.

Statue of Our National Hero

    In front   of  the old  capitol building  of   Ormoc City stands  a statue of  our  national hero   Dr. Jose Rizal.A  modest park is  also  located in    the  same place.

Aviles Street.Ormoc City

   Aviles  Street  is  one  of the  busies  street in Ormoc. The  vehicles  especially  the  buses and  multicabs  will passed  by this street  whenever   they  are  going  or  going out of the  city.

Traysikol-The Taxicab of Ormoc City

   Tricycle or  better known as Traysikol in  the 

Vizayas  is  the common means  of transportation

 when  you  want      to  get  to  certain locations 

in the  city.They are numerous in number  and  you 

won't  have  trouble  finding  one  if  in need.

 Ormoc city  has  a lot of these in their  streets.

        I n this picture, the "traysikol"  are in standby

while  waiing for  the  passengers of a nearby 
ferry boat that is  anchored  at the port of Ormoc.

Ormoc River

      Ormoc  river is one of the widest  floodway in    the province.It   was actually  reconstructed  and   widen   in order  to avert  another  disaster  like   what  happen  about two decades ago    when    
 flashfloods killed   about  a  thousands of  its  residents.

     Right now  the river  serves as the division  between the main city(the eastern  side)  and /the new  emerging  metropolis of Ormoc on its  western side.

Lungsod ng Ormoc

Map of Ormoc City

     The  city of Ormoc  is  one  of the premiere  city  of the  province of Leyte.It  is constantly voted    as  one of the  cleanest  city of  the Philippine islands. Ormoc is not a large  city ,especially  when compared  to Tacloban  City.However  what Ormoc  lacks  in  size, it  makes  it  up for  its  character.

     Its  a  bustling  metropolis, yet  it   retains  its  rustic  charms  in some  area.It is accessible  by   mostly  by land  and sea. Visiting Ormoc if you are going to Leyte  should be one of the priorities.