This Site is for my help for imaging. Each Image (or picure on some pages) is under a website name page and under that is a for the story it's self with all the images for that story. Under each site page thier is a link to the site's home page. Each image is in orter from top to bottem the top are the one that come first and Each Image is on a different if it is for different storys and if two images are for two storys it will apir on both storys' pages. REMIBER this because it will not be minched on any other page.
I will axseppt Links to the site pages iether for new site or for a page on an exsisting site BUT i will review it to see if it's opropeit and if you request a link it will be on the Testing Link page on this site until i Aporv it, if i requect it it will go to the rejected links page and i will say hire and thier that i'm not resonsible for site not suted for kid, for more info see the links page which is where the aporved and rejected links pages are housed (located).
If you use this site often you can request to be a user sens i haven't fingered out how to put a login yet you have to sing up by email. Click Here for the Message.

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