For Reference alongside the Image of France, 1795-1880

Related to the Image of France project:
General Interest for Print History:
  • The Print Council of America, Index to Print Catalogues Raisonné (IPCR), a bibliography of the published oeuvre catalogues of artists of the printed image.
  • Graphics AtlasInformation and online tools for the identification of print media and photographs, maintained by the Image Permanence Institute at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • The Union List of Artist Names Online (ULAN) - "a structured vocabulary containing around 120,000 records, including 293,000 names and biographical and bibliographic information about artists and architects, including a wealth of variant names, pseudonyms, and language variants."
Some Historical Collections of Graphic Imagery:
  • The Albertina (Vienna)Bilddatenbank der Grafischen Sammlung"Mit rund 3000 Hauptwerken vom 14. bis ins frühe 20. Jahrhundert präsentiert die Bilddatenbank einen Querschnitt durch die Bestände der Grafischen Sammlung."
  • American Antiquarian Society, Catalogue of American Engravings, an exhaustive catalogue of the engravings and other prints produced in the American colonies and the United States before 1820 -- app. 16,800 records. The catalogue of lithographs in the AAS collections (app. 6000 brief records) is available in its general catalogue, at the setting for Graphic Arts; the Daguerreotype Collection Inventory is available separately.
  • Virtuelle Kupferstichkabinett of the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum and the Herzog August Bibliothek.
  • British Museumcollection database of prints and drawings. "Use the advanced search page and read the Help screens carefully, as the searching mechanism is quite powerful, and allows access the underlying thesauri and authority files;" over 250,000 listings with close to 125,000 images (spring, 2008). For discussion, see the journal Print Quarterly, March 2008, pp. 78-80.
  • Library of Congress, online prints and photographs catalog, contains records of about 65% of the holdings of the Prints and Photographs Division. This resource may also be browsed according to the individual collections which are enumerated at head of the catalogue.
  • Musée du Louvre, Inventaire du Département des Arts Graphiques. Drawings only, and includes the collection of the Musée d'Orsay (i.e. 19th century works).
  • Bibliotheque municipale de Lyon, Base estampes - "... le catalogage a commencé par les estampes du XVIe siècle et se poursuit chronologiquement. On peut déjà y trouver 5000 estampes, dont les œuvres d’Albrecht Dürer, Lucas Cranach, Adrian Collaert, Abraham Bosse, Israël Silvestre, Tiepolo, Canaletto, etc…"
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