Image Grabber II.NET

Image Grabber II.NET was written by Serkan ERGUN.  It's a tool for saving screenshots from video files.  No source code was provided, but since it was written in C# it was easy to decompile.  Here are some of the improvements I've made:
  • New options in batch mode, and each pass runs in a new process to avoid freezes with some decoders, and to detect and skip frozen passes.
  • Saves options to user's Application Data folder for Vista compatibility without administrative privileges.
  • Thumbnail list supports drag/drop reordering, allows use of scroll wheel, maintains proper aspect ratio, works better with high DPI, and numerous quirks were fixed.
  • Various other small improvements to the GUI (control alignment/spacing, all forms open centered, added some tooltips, improved wording, etc.).
  • Fixed many leaks due to undisposed Bitmap/Graphics objects.
  • Updated MediaInfo library to version 0.7.9 (solved crashing in Vista, added support for more formats e.g. FLV).
  • Updated DirectShow.NET library to version 2.0.
  • x64 compile available.
v2.2.0 - Most people will want this one.
v2.2.0 (x64) - Requires x64 DirectShow splitters/decoders.
v2.2.0 (Source Code)