Need to determine image comparison and similarity in your application?

Here is your answer!

So you have an iPhone or iPod Touch App project, and you want to find the percentage similarity between:
  • Two images
  • A query image and a database of images
Here is your solution. Drop the ImageSimilarity SDK binary into your Xcode project and call a few methods. You're all set.

To start, you have a few options:

  1. Download the sample ImageSimilarity iPhone SDK and sample app here.
    • This version will expire every 7 days. If you need more time to test, just email download a new SDK binary, and it will be valid for an additional 7 days.  This allows you to fully test your app, but you will clearly need to purchase a licensed SDK for AppStore review and submission.
    • Start building your app

  2. Purchase the fully working, no limitation SDK binary here.
    • $300 USD.
    • With the purchase, you will receive support via email (I am a one man operation.  You can call me if you like, but email is easier).
    • Unlimited usage. (After all, you now own the binary).
    • After purchase, please email your test device UID(s) to, and I'll respond ASAP with a custom, Apple AppStore ready binary.
Or email to set up something else!

How the SDK works

Really quite simply actually. The binary takes an image and breaks it into tiles.  Then, it combines edge detection, color, intensity, and contrast information into a single string that can be used as a footprint unique to that image. Do that across one or more images, and the footprint strings can be directly compared (via a method in the SDK) to return a percent similarity. 

Because the strings are fairly small in length, options for database searching are within reach, whereas traditional image binary searches are much to computationally expensive.

To see the SDK in action, have a look at eyeBuy Visual Search on the iTunes AppStore.