Interface Design


                        5: Midterm

   Lecture: Midterms

                       Lab: Present Midterms

Hw: Decide on what kind of app you want to design and create a preliminary storyboard.

4: Navigation Patterns Lecture: Finding and managing Lab: Interactive prototypes (Popapp etc). User testing. Hw: Style research (UI, color, typography.) Styleguide: Typography, style and UI elements. Style Guide templates are in the assignments folder

3: Style Lecture: Structuring, organization and labeling. We'll look at your interface samples. Lab: Prototype solutions: Follow along with tutorial to create a health app interface. Create a landing page for two different apps

Homework: Read Chapters 7, 8 & 9. Complete exercises for Chaps 7-9. Turn into Google Drive.

Week 2:Concept development.

                      Lecture: Information architecture, review homework

                      Lab:  User Interface (UX) Techniques - Janne Jul Jensen Make notes on three important points.

                      Hw: Read Chapters 4, 5 & 6.  Complete exercises for Chaps 4-6. Upload to Google Drive.

Week 1:   

Housekeeping- My site, e-book, your contact, Google Drive

Lecture: Overview. Interface Design--Visual design

Lab: Find 3-5 examples of effective & efficient interfaces, from websites, mobile app, games, etc. Screen shot and be ready to share next week.

Homework: Read Chapters 1, 2 & 3.  Do Chap 3 exercises. Upload to Google Drive.

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