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Computer Based Training


Week 8

Continue working on final project.

Week 7

We look at your prototype proposals, then discuss final project design and storyboards. Have final project ideas and storyboards started by next week.

Week 5

We will look at  your CBT presentations and discuss CBT considerations.

Homework: Your client has given you all the content (links below) for an app that they want built. Create a pitch for a prototype according to convince them to hire you. Due Week 7.

Week 4

Tonight we will look at your wireframes for mobile applications.

Then I want to talk about Challenge Based Learning.

Here are a couple of links--

Consider three ways that you could incorporate Challenge based learning into your final project. Be prepared to share them with the class next week.

Week 3

We will look at your Gagne app critiques. Then, I will talk about mobile learning systems. I also want to talk about learning styles theories.

Assignment--Create a wireframe of a mobile learning system, an app, that might change the way learning is dispensed to students.

Week 2

We will look at your linear presentations, then we will talk about Gagne's conditions for learning.

Your assignment will be to create a presentation analyzing an educational app or site using Gagne's framework. Due next week.

Week 1

Lecture: Introduction to class-complete contact info, create Dropbox account and link to folder
The Flowline and Icons
Text and Graphics, Icons and Properties
Creating Screens with Text

Guiding Users with Linear Presentations Lab: In-class assignment: Create a linear presentation using these instructions.