Software Development Experience


From March 2007 till October 2008 I was employed by Saint-Petersburg Branch of Motorola as software engineer. I was involved in the project developing Java Middleware for OCAP Digital TV set-top boxes.  Project involved at least 100 engineers, consisted of about 3.000 Java classes and comparable number of native files and about 1.000.000 lines of code.

Technologies used were Java SE 1.4 (Skelmir CEE-J JVM for embedded devices), JUnit, Eclipse, Bugzilla, ClearCase UCM.

My responsibilities included code maintenance, bug-fixing, feature implementation, refactoring and unit-testing. I was a substitute of Java Middleware team technical leader and full technical leader of local stability team.

Communication was one of the primary job activities. Being a technical leader I worked with local engineers and communicated with USA colleagues by mail, phone and visiting USA Motorola office.

From October 2004 till August 2006 being an undergraduate student I worked at Protei R&D Center as database administrator and web-application developer. I participated in several commercial and inner projects such as development of routing and billing systems for phone operators (5 - 10 engineers, 100 - 200 Java classes and JSP, at least 10.000 LOC), CRM, bug tracker etc.

My main responsibilities were to design and implement database schemata, maintain existing databases, develop stored procedures and triggers. One of my tasks was to move several databases from Sybase ASA 8 to Oracle 10g. I also worked with Oracle replication techniques. For company inner projects I was involved in web-application development.

Technologies used: Sybase ASA 8 with Watcom-SQL,  Oracle 10g with PL/SQL, PowerDesigner, Java, JSP, JDBC, Hibernate, Eclipse.




Software Development Experience

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