I am a member of Information Retrieval Group at the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Lugano. My current research area is Federated Search (also known as Distributed Information Retrieval). My scientific adviser is Professor Fabio Crestani.

Previously I was involved in Content-Based Image Retrieval project working in tight collaboration with Natalia Vassilieva under supervision of Professor Boris Novikov.

My research topic was "Adaptive fusion of multiple image features depending on the query". We proposed a technique to combine color and texture metrics taking into account a particular query-image. Weighed linear combination of color and texture metrics (mixed-metrics) was considered as a fusion function. We showed that there always exist optimal weights to combine color and texture metrics for every query-image and these weights are unique for a given query. Experimental results showed that mixed-metrics based approach outperforms widely used CombMNZ data fusion method in most cases. For more details see Publications.

We used the following technologies: Java, Groovy, Eclipse, MS-SQL Server with Transact-SQL, MySQL.




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