We, the United States Women of Today,
Are Dedicated to serving our community and nation,
Are committed to strengthening our individual talents,
And stand united by our friendship and believe in the future.


Open Hands, Giving Hearts

I am very excited about being elected as Illinois Women of Today President.  I have been involved on all levels of the Women of Today organization since 2002.  I have made so many friends and learned so much about life from Women of Today.  I hope you too are making friends and learning with us.

We have an awesome group of ladies that are giving of their time and talent to work on my board.  We will have a great year and I hope you are able to come to at least one All State to experience what we can do!

I have listened to our members at the All States say they want to get new members, mentor our new members, get them involved on state and national levels, extend new chapters, give back to our communities and have fun doing it.  So this year, I hope we can work on revitalizing our All States, making them more affordable and fun.  Barb Wigell has agreed to be our Extensions Director and head our push to extend new chapters and bring more communities into IWT.  We are exploring new possibilities with opening up the all states to more members with conference calls and zoom meetings.

Our first State Board meeting will be in Bloomington, IL on July 15, 2017.  My board, chapter presidents and anyone of our members interested in attending are encouraged to come.  So save the date and more details will be given out as we know them.  Watch the website (illinoiswt.org) and the Illinois Women of Today Facebook page for more details!

This year, my theme is Open Hands, Giving Hearts!  I feel that this embodies our organization.  All of our chapters work so hard to help our communities with open hands and giving hearts!  Let’s join together this year to make Illinois shine and to show everyone that our volunteers have heart!

Becky Goetsch

IWT President 2017-2018


Please contact the State Treasurer here
to find out where to send the form and your check.