We, the United States Women of Today,
Are Dedicated to serving our community and nation,
Are committed to strengthening our individual talents,
And stand united by our friendship and believe in the future.


Open Hands, Giving Hearts

All of our Illinois chapters have been working hard to help our communities.  We have made cinnamon rolls…lots of cinnamon rolls…90 dozen cinnamon rolls.  We made 90 blessing bags to give to homeless women.  We collected school supplies, for Southern Illinois schools, for Central Illinois Schools, for Northern Illinois Schools.  We collected pillows for DVA and made dinner for Ronald McDonald House.  We raised money to donate to the Red Cross for survivors of Hurricane Harvey, and for relatives and friends with severe illnesses.  We impact our communities for the better.

Let’s keep serving our communities with open hands and giving hearts.  Make sure you check the Women of Today websites and Face Book pages to see the information the state and national have to share with you.  Continue to communicate with the state and national staff.  We want to know about all of the projects you are doing.  We want to grow our membership so we can continue to serve our communities.

Let’s finish the year strong with growth for the third trimester.  We want to grow our membership with lots of new members and a few extensions!  

Becky Goetsch

IWT President 2017-2018


Please contact the State Treasurer here
to find out where to send the form and your check.