~L Lawliet~
                                                                                                    From Death Note!
 L Lawliet is from the Japanese anime, Death Note! L first appeared in episode 2. L is the number 1 detective in the world! L sits in an odd manner, snacking on sweets constantly, and holding objects in a peculiar manner. L has most fangirls in the whole Death Note series (like myself)! No one knows his real name. In the series L has to find a killer, Kira. Kira is Light Yagami. Light is a 17 year old boy who happens to a Death Note. A Death Note is a notebook that when you write somebodies' name and think of the person they die. L supectes that Light  is Kira. L knows that Light is Kira but don't have any proof. In the end Light took a step in front of L. L died at age 25 and he dead because the shinigami, Rem killed him by writing his name in her Death Note. A shinigami is a God of Death. In the series there are three shinigamis.  Ryuk is Light's shinigami. Rem is Misa's shinigami and Sidoh is Mello's shinigami. Misa is a famous model and Light's girlfriend. Mello is an orphan and one of the candidates to become L's successor. Mello's real name is Mihael Keehl. Another L's successor was Near. His real name is Nate River. Near is the same as Mello but quite. In the end Mello dies and Near finds proof that Light is Kira.