As we begin to look at the emergence of e-Learning in the education field, it is important to address many of the concerns around ethics and privacy as they relate to the communication between students and  teachers.  While there are laws protecting a student's information and educational record (FERPA), there are many other ways that a student's privacy can be compromised in a connected classroom.  With so many means now for creating and distributing digital information, ethical concerns need to be addressed.

Ever since the first correspondence course, privacy and ethics have been a concern.  How have these concerns changed since then in our hyper-connected digital world?

This site will address four different topics that relate to teacher-student privacy and ethics and their impact on the modern connected classroom:
  • Digital citizenship and responsible use
  • Ethics and the teacher-student relationship
  • Learning analytics - using student data for diagnostics/instruction/assessment
  • Issues of presence and anonymity - the problem of people behaving irresponsibly when their ID isn't known
Each page of this site will explore the aforementioned topics as well as the historical implications as the emergence of e-Learning continues.