Courses on Microsoft Products

NOTE from Eileen:  I created these courses and delivered them for many years to schools through online formats.  Here are some of the animations that I use in these courses; they often still illustrate basic ways to work with technology to support learning and they demonstrate good / short ways to explain concepts using video.  The animations themselves show succint ways to 

Animation List
The videos listed here were created in the early 2000's and there are significant issues with their sound - however, they are shown here as an illustration of how to create short, targeted videos - that provide information in ways that can be quickly assimilated.  Although the stop/start and advance buttons were not yet available when these videos were made, you can see the attempt to give the viewer control of the play back process. 

Course Navigation & interface - overviews the course organization and the process of accessing, viewing, printing and searching course content and animations - 4.0 min. - no password needed here

Throughout these courses, animated sequences helped illustrate application and implementation. The time listed below is the play time; the time for the first play-thru will depend on the speed of your Internet connection. Play twice to improve sound quality.

Here are the passwords that might be required when viewing these animations 

Average animation - explains how to enter an average function (changing the range in the process), reduce th decimal places, copy the function to other cells, view the relative cell adjustment during copying, and add a descriptive label. Play time - 2.5 min.
Calculations with relative & absolute cell notation - explains how to create formulas/calculations with both absolute and relative cell references; copies the formula; shows the calculation adjustment during copying; creates an addition formula "manually." Play time - 3.15 min.
Graphs / scatter plots - explains how to create a graph or chart from numeric data in the spreadsheet, using a scatter plot as an example. Shows all steps in graph creation and shows how to move and resize the graph after placing; previews other adjustments that can be made. Play time - 2.5 min.

Sorting/Database rules - explains how to create a sort a database (gradebook, survey, and so on) and thereby arrange the order of the entries; sorting by one and two columns; reviews the important rules for database structure. Play time - 2.5 min.

Filtering a database - explains how to create a filter a database (gradebook, survey, and so on)and thereby show only the entries that meet the criteria you establish; reviews simple and custom filters and the ways to remove the filter. Play time - 2.5 min.

Hyperlink/link overview - reviews the types and purposes of hyperlinks within Microsoft applications - to the web, to other files, within a file - 2 min.

Hyperlink creation - explains how to create hyperlinks from images, icons, text, and web addresses to web sites, other files on your computer (spreadsheets, wordprocessing and PowerPoint) and within the same file; removing links - 4.75 min.

Drawing Overview - reviews general features and common changeable characteristics of drawing elements, images, chart features, WordArt and objects - 1.35 min.

Drawing Basics - explains how to create textboxes, shapes and autoshapes, then add text, move, resize, and delete these elements; shows and detaches the Drawing toolbar - 4.5 min. 

Drawing Color/Fill - explains how to change the colors of objects both interior colors and surrounding lines, includes adding gradients and shadows; multiple object selection - 2.45 min.

Web-Image Capture and Insertion - explains how to save images from the web and then insert them into your applications, using either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator; notes on image types and image cataloguing ideas included - 2 min.

Image Adjustment/Clipart Insertion - explains how to insert clipart and how: to adjust images (from web, digital photographs, clipart, etc.) that have been inserted for color, grayscale, black-and-white, and contrast; to add lines; to crop (trim) the image and to make some colors transparent - 3 min.

Image & Drawing Elements: Editing & Misc - explains how to rotate items, set default characteristics (so new drawing elements are the same color), change all shapes, align & distribute items, and insert an image inside a shape - 4 min.

Drawing - WordArt Creation - explains how create and vary different WordArt headings (color, shape, letter orientation) - 2.5 min.

Drawing - Composites - explains how to layer, reorder, and group individual drawing, image and WordArt elements into composites; reviews how to copy a composite into the same or other applications; shows how to group/ungroup/regroup and modify composites - 3.5 min.