Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 11/16/2011

posted Nov 16, 2011, 11:41 AM by Karen Coombs   [ updated Nov 16, 2011, 11:54 AM ]

Present: Karen Coombs, John Bodfish, Demian Katz, Randy Cook

Use LookupUser to see the possible PickupLocations for a particular user including the default PickupLocation

LookupAgency for generic PickupLocations

Future development use cases
What about Items that you want pulled to be perused but not CheckedOut?
Use LookupItem to see possible PickupLocations for a particular item?

- Add suspension dates as an extension

- standard implementation

Karen will mockup CancelRequestItem and UpdateRequestItem for 11/30 meeting

Next meeting 11/30/2011

Next Steps
  • Advocate for people to participate in the requirements definitions process
  • Advocate for people to build additional connectors
    • ILLiad

Meeting Minutes 10/26/2010

posted Oct 26, 2011, 11:29 AM by Karen Coombs   [ updated Oct 26, 2011, 11:37 AM ]

Present: Karen Coombs, John Bodfish, Demian Katz, Randy Cook

Next release for Toolkit (1.0) mid-November

Implement changes to enable further configuration option within the Toolkit by end of year
Implement necessary changes to connectors - end of January 2012

Session Management in the toolkit - we aren't going to provide this at this time. Toolkit requires authentication for every interaction that requires it. No credential caching by toolkit at this point in time

Need to discuss how to handle pickup locations

Additional Messages
  • CancelRequestItem
  • UpdateRequestItem
    • Have to delete fields and then put them in again
  • RecallItem
  • CancelRecallItem
Agenda for next meeting - 11/16
  • How to handle pickup locations using LookupAgency
  • CancelRequestItem
  • UpdateRequestItem

Meeting Minutes 10/5/2011

posted Oct 5, 2011, 11:40 AM by Karen Coombs   [ updated Oct 5, 2011, 11:56 AM ]

Present: Karen Coombs, Demian Katz, Randy Cook, John Bodfish

John is writing up a document describing how to support better configuration options and multiple ILS instances within the initiator portion of the toolkit

How to handle authentication for messages within NCIP that don't currently require authentication but may contain sensitive information

Interested in potentially providing better authentication/authorization for service requests as part of the toolkit
Do not want additional authorization configuration options to keep users from installing and using the toolkit

Short term
  • Add to documentation information about privacy concerns
  • Add to documentation information about how to security their server
Mid-term plan of action
  • IP filtering as part of the toolkit configuration
  • Revisit authentication models
    • Do you have permission to access the toolkit v. do you have permission to perform a particular action
  • Look at use cases that arise that can't be gracefully handled with the existing authentication methods
Meeting schedule for this month
  • 10/12/2011
  • 10/26/2011

Meeting Minutes 8/24/2011

posted Aug 24, 2011, 11:04 AM by Karen Coombs

Present: Karen Coombs, Randy Cook, John Bodfish

Outstanding Issues - Priority order?
  • How to handle authentication for messages within NCIP that don't currently require authentication but may contain sensitive information
  • Toolkit session management - for the toolkit as a whole
    • This needs further definition and discussion
    • Possible plan of action
      • Authentication Input field is used on first request
        • Toolkit generates a session token for that user which is used in subsequent requests
      • Subsequent message within session
        • UserID field is used
  • Do we need to define additional messages?
  • Do we need additional documentation for connector developers?
Authentication and Authorization Doc v. 1 will be added to the wiki by Karen

Next meeting - 9/7/2011

Meeting Minutes 8/17/2011

posted Aug 17, 2011, 12:04 PM by Karen Coombs   [ updated Aug 17, 2011, 12:07 PM ]

Present: Karen Coombs, Randy Cook, John Bodfish

Group discussed Authentication and Authorization documentation for the Toolkit and made revisions

Agenda for next week
How to handle authentication for messages within NCIP that don't currently require authentication but may contain sensitive information

Meeting Minutes 7/27/2011

posted Jul 27, 2011, 11:01 AM by Karen Coombs

Present: Demian Katz, Karen Coombs, Randy Cook, John Bodfish

Should we move our Google Group stuff elsewhere given the Google is shutting down lab?

Update the Definition section in Services - Overview and Detail Notes - Karen

Put a link to the NCIP Data Dictionary PDF or appropriate page on Services - Overview and Detail Notes - Karen

Add Request Item XML Samples

We make up our minds about authentication and make sure that all the messages use the same method
  • Need to explain authentication to connector developers
Indicate which services require authentication and link each of these services to an Authentication page - Karen

Services which require authentication and SSL
  • LookupUser
  • RenewItem
  • RequestItem

Authentication models supported

Connector trusts client to do the user authentication if only UserID is sent
  • XC NCIP toolkit responder security is the purview of the institution
    • For example: Firewall protect responder and only allow trusted servers to access the responder through the firewall.
Connector expects that client will pass user credentials and connector itself will handle these appropriately
  • Authentication Input field is used
  • Institutions should secure the connection between the client and NCIP responder - SSL ie. transactions over https
We will consider other models if participant institutions outline a use case for said model and are willing to help define it.

Developers Meeting

Test bed
  • CARLI Voyager ILS and XC NCIP Toolkit
  • Anyone using this should have prior contact with the XC NCIP toolkit development group

Meeting Minutes 7/20/2011

posted Jul 20, 2011, 10:54 AM by Karen Coombs

Present: Karen Coombs, Demian Katz, John Bodfish, Randy Cook

Generally for documentation
  • How much do we want to tell people about NCIP? - As little as possible so that people can use the toolkit successfuly
  • How often do we want to point people off to NCIP standards site?

Service and ILS Connector Overview
  • More links to the XSDs
Code Contributors Page
  • If you want to contribute, how to contribute
Services - Overview and Detail and Note
  • Change Request to Request (aka NCIP Initiation message)
Specification for LUIS
  • XML sample needs to be complete
  • Agency ID explanation/documentation on how it is used in the toolkit - Randy will work on this
    • Identifier for the organization whose ILS is behind the connector
    • Consortia ILS or ILS with branches - could return multiple AgencyId
  • XML examples to show the data elements at both levels and how they interact
LookupUser Notes
  • Move Voyager notes to a separate subpage (We want to put notes for each connector in their own page. Section in each connector page for each service that has a note which is hyperlinkable)
  • Add descriptive information for each field based on what's in the NCIP data dictionary 
  • Revisit next meeting
RenewItem Notes
  • No changes at this time

Request Item Notes
  • no changes or additions at this time

Do we need separate documents for connector developers and client developers? - Especially to deal with the different meanings for "Required - for this group"

Different headings for section - proposed

Fields Connector Developers must support
Fields Connector Developers must support if supported by ILS
Fields Recommended Connector Developer support

Need to revisit Authentication models to determine whether or not a userID needs to be passed. What kind of guidance to we need to provide connector developers about this?

Do we need to have information about LookupAgency Message as used for showing the possible Pickup Locations

For next week
Review LookupUser Notes and RenewItem Notes

Meeting Minutes for 7/13/2011

posted Jul 13, 2011, 11:55 AM by Karen Coombs

Present: Karen Coombs, John Bodfish, Randy Cook, Demian Katz

Group reviewed RequestItem specifications and made slight changes to language and structure of document

Group agreed to put this document up into XC NCIP Toolkit wiki and work on creating similar documents for the other messages

Karen agreed to work on putting existing specification information for RenewItem and LookupUser into this format

Group agreed to review these specification documents next week 7/20/2011.

Group agreed to table discussing additional messages until after specification review is complete.

Upcoming Meeting schedule


Meeting Minutes for 7/6/2011

posted Jul 6, 2011, 10:52 AM by Karen Coombs

Present: Karen Coombs, Randy Cook, Demian Katz, John Bodfish
  • RequestItemResponse
    • We are not supporting the explicit handling of holds with fees in this version
    • RequiredFeeAmount and RequiredItemUseRestrictionType b/c we aren't using these in the request
    • Ignore ShippingInformation
    • Required fields
      • UserId
      • RequestType
      • RequestScopeType - this can be a different scope from the request
      • ItemId - if hold is resolved to a specific item when placed this should be provided
      • RequestId - connector developers should build this if their ILS doesn't provide one (suggestion BIB ID + date time stamp)
    • Ignore DateAvailable
    • Ignore HoldPickupDate = Hold Expiration Date
    • Ignore FiscalTransactionInformation
    • Ignore ItemOptionalFields
      • This might matter is the multi-volume set edge cases
    • Ignore UserOptionalFields
Next Step
  • Finish message documentation
  • Review message documentation
    • Does this convey what we need it to?
    • Is this the best form for this?
  • Documentation for client developers
    • Sample XML
    • Message list
    • Field list
    • FAQs/Gotchas
      • Confusion about IDs coming back in responses (Item IDs v. Bib IDs)
        • My Account Items - doesn't return BIB IDs?
      • Use of resumption tokens in Lookup ItemSet
Agenda for Next week
Review message specification and documentation

Meeting Minutes 6/29/2011

posted Jun 29, 2011, 10:54 AM by Karen Coombs

Present: Randy Cook, Karen Coombs, John Bodfish, Emily Lynema

EarliestDateNeeded -  not needed
PickupExpiryDate - not needed

NeedBeforeDate - optional?
  • How should we handle this for ILSs that don't allow a NeededBeforeDate?
  • We need to check to see if any ILSs support this?
    • Karen will post to list and check with WMS and ALEPH

Fee related fields
  • AcknowledgedFeeAmount - not needed
  • PaidFeeAmount - not needed
AcknowledgedItemUseRestrictionType - not needed

ItemElementType - not needed

UserElementType - not needed

Agenda for next meeting
  • RequestItemResponse
  • Review Message we've created specification for
    • are we missing any necessary messages?
    • plan/developer documents for connector developers
  • Outreach to community about progress report on NCIP toolkit, call for specifications for resources sharing clients - perhaps a webinar

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