Baruch Blumberg

Image courtesy of Steve Jurvetson at the International Lunar Research Park Exploratory Workshop 5 April 2011

Baruch Blumberg’s discoveries and invention of the hepititus B vaccine save millions of lives each year. It was the first vaccine against cancer and was developed through Blumberg’s personal exploration of the people who live in some of Earth’s most remote environments. When in his seventies, this former Navy Officer and physician-researcher became the founding Director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute and helped pioneer the field of Astrobiology. The polymath was the first Nobel Prize winner employed by NASA. Blumberg identified opportunities for discovery on the International Space Station that would benefit humanity and was instrumental in establishing the NASA Lunar Sciences Institute. He was a tireless advocate for multidisciplinary research, citizen science, and student participation in field trips and exploration.

Dr. Blumberg spent his last day of life at the NASA Ames Research Center at the International Lunar Research Park Exploratory Workshop where he gave the keynote address and led a discussion group advocating development of the International Lunar Research Park on the Moon as the first permanent human settlement and first university campus on another world.

He was a man of the universe and an inspiration to all who knew him for his eager questing mind, his courageous explorations, his warmth and nurturing spirit, and his steadfast belief in the future of humanity and the value of humankind.

Dr. Blumberg's keynote presentation to the International Lunar Research Park Exploratory Workshop can be downloaded below.

To see a wonderful presentation about Dr. Blumberg, please Click Here

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