International Lunar Research Park Overview

Dr. Frank Schowengerdt
Director of PISCES.

Dr. Schowengerdt's presentation to the International Lunar Research Park Exploratory Workshop can be downloaded below.

Previously, Dr. Schowengerdt was the director of the Space Product Development and Innovative Partnerships Programs at NASA Headquarters. 

His pre-NASA experience includes 34 years in academia, having held positions in all professorial ranks at the Colorado School of Mines. 

Dr. Schowengerdt was head of the physics department there for 13 years and vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty for 6 years. 

He founded a NASA Research Partnership Center at the Colorado School of Mines, which he directed for 7 years.

His professional interests include education and research in space exploration, with particular emphasis on inspiring K-12 students to study STEM disciplines through space studies, promoting permanent settlement of the Moon and helping to make space exploration more affordable and sustainable by applying it to improve the lives of people here on Earth. 

Dr. Schowengerdt is the author of over 75 papers and book chapters.

Lynn Harper,
May 23, 2011, 10:42 AM