Popcorn Sales

Here is some information about the upcoming Popcorn season to remind Scouts and parents of important dates to remember throughout this exciting season.

The money earned from Popcorn Sales is used toward patches, ranks, activities such as Pinewood Derbies, Rocket Launches, Blue and Gold Dinners, and camp-related activities.  Our popcorn sales virtually covered expenses for everything that we did throughout the year. 

There are multiple methods for the Scouts to sell Popcorn:

1.  Take Order:     The Scout circulates the Order form among friends, family, and neighbors. The final popcorn order is filled in October/November for the Scout to deliver.

2.   Show and Deliver: The Scout picks up a sampling of popcorn to show and deliver on the spot.

3.      Site Sales: Scouts sell at 5 site sales during the weekends in September (Dates TBA)

Click here for more information about the Site Sales.

4.   On-Line: sell.trails-end.com 

To pick-up a sampling of Popcorn for "show and deliver," contact Kelly Landmann (see Kelly's email on Sept 11th for details).  

Kelly also offers that the Pack may contact her anytime between September 13 and our final sale date of October 26 to pick up popcorn for delivery if you have chosen to do "Show and Deliver."  If Kelly does not have the popcorn you need, she will trade with other Packs/Troops, otherwise, otherwise the final order will be fulfilled in November.

  • The Pack has decided to award gift cards as prizes. *Dollar amounts and levels are yet to be determined, but will be equivalent to the Keller prize program for those of you who are familiar to the last few years.
  • Patch for each selling Scout
  • Scouts who sell $700 or more will earn 2 tickets to a showing of Star Wars Episode VIII at the Lincolnshire theater on December 16 at9:00 am
  • Rex Plex Pool Party: Scouts selling $1,300 will receive two passes for a NEIC Party tentatively scheduled for December 2, 2017 (4pm-8pm)
  • $2,500 Scholarship incentive
  • $4,000 Blackhawks tickets incentive

On Sept 13, let's start selling.  Cubmaster John has challenged all Scouts to sell more than $600 individually.  All Scouts who meet that goal can throw a pie at Cubmaster Dave during a popcorn celebration.  Scouts get an additional pie for every $500 sold beyond the $600 goal.

Cubmaster John...get ready!