• Fact: Coral reefs are among the oldest ecosystems on Earth.
  • Fact: Coral reefs are the largest living structure on the planet.
  • Fact: Although coral reefs cover less than 1% of the Earth’s surface, they are home to 25% of all marine fish species.
  • Fact: 500 million people rely on coral reefs for their food and livelihoods.
  • Fact: Coral reefs form natural barriers that protect nearby shorelines from the eroding forces of the sea, thereby protecting coastal dwellings, agricultural land and beaches.
  • Fact: Without the existence of coral reefs, parts of Florida would be under water.
  • Fact: Coral reefs have been used in the treatment of cancer, HIV, cardiovascular diseases and ulcers.
  • Fact: Corals' porous limestone skeletons have been used for human bone grafts.
  • Fact: It is estimated that coral reefs provide $375 billion per year around the world in goods and services.
  • Fact: If the present rate of destruction continues, 70% of the world's coral reefs will be destroyed by the year 2050.

Wikipedia~Coral reefs are aragonite structures produced by living organisms, found in shallow, tropical marine waters with little to no nutrients in the water. High nutrient levels such as those found in runoff from agricultural areas can harm the reef by encouraging the growth of algae. In most reefs, the predominant organisms are stony corals, colonial cnidarians that secrete an exoskeleton of calcium carbonate. The accumulation of skeletal material, broken and piled up by wave action and bioeroders, produces a massive calcareous formation that supports the living corals and a great variety of other animal and plant life. Although corals are found both in temperate and tropical waters, reefs are formed only in a zone extending at most from 30°N to 30°S of the equator. Reef-forming corals do not grow at depths of over 30 m (100 ft), and temperature has less of an effect on distribution but it is generally accepted that no corals exist in waters below 18 °C.


Mine~ Coral Reefs are undersea that are all over the World. Most are found in Southern Asia, Australia, or Southern Florida. But since the water around is warming, the Coral Reefs are depleating. More fish are going extinct. Coral Reefs need to be in water that is very cool not warm or getting warm. When Coral Reefs die off that means that more fish are going extinct because of no living space for them.

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