Inground Pool Leak Repair

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inground pool leak repair One of the many pools at Meager Creek Hot Springs
One of the many pools at Meager Creek Hot Springs
These pools used to get over 30,000 visits a year. I imagine it's less than a couple hundred people in 2012. A major landslide took out 6km of access road and blew out the bridge over Lillooet River. There is no solid ground left to build on now. Last year we managed to cross the river and walk up and over the destruction. This year we tried out a new trail, high on the mountain, that gets us part way there. The weather last year was clear and freezing. This weekend was much warmer and very wet. I preferred the route and weather from last year. It was still great to be back at the hot springs of course. I enjoy the algae cleaning, the soaking, trying to figure out the piping to get the temps right. Only a few of us appreciated the high heat. It is a special place. Made all the more so by the lack of people. We left a new pool skimmer net, a tarp and toilet paper for those that follow.
Tidal Pools
Tidal Pools
A wider angle view over the tidal pools at Saltcoats. With the sun having set over the distant Isle of Arran, the sky and clouds lit up nicely. -- Saltcoats is a small town on the West Coast of Scotland, This name is derived from the town's earliest industry when salt was harvested from the sea water, carried out in small cottages along the beach. -- A must to seen Large on black - Press L