Ilo Television Repair

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  • International Labor Organization
  • Integrated Lights-Out, or iLO, is an embedded server management technology exclusive to Hewlett-Packard but similar in functionality to the Lights out management (LOM) technology of other vendors.
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ilo television repair ilo television repair - ilo 3200
ilo 3200 32 Widescreen LCD HDTV Monitor w/ HDMI"
ilo 3200 32 Widescreen LCD HDTV Monitor w/ HDMI"
Sports and movies look their best on a high definition (HD) screen, and this 32" model delivers. Anti-glare and anti-reflection technology for optimal image quality. Ultra-slim screen may also be used as a computer monitor. HD-ready.

Your BIG picture deserves BIG sound. Select any of our Surround Sound Systems to complete your ultimate home theater.

32" widescreen (16:9) LCD TV
HD-ready; requires a set-top box, purchased separately, to decode high definition (HD) broadcast signals
Anti-glare and reflection reducing technology for optimal image quality
Ultra-slim TV tuner and PC monitor
Saves space and eliminates clutter
Resolution: 1366 x RGB x 768
Contrast ratio: 800:1
DVI for single-plug convenience
Video, S-Video, Audio L&R
Component input
PC in
HDMI input
39.37" L X 7" W X 23.81" H

TV Technology: LCD
TV Definition: HDTV
Screen Size: 32 inch
Brightness: 500 Cd/m
Contrast: 800:1
Response Time: 12ms
Dimensions with Stand: 39.37" L X 7" W X 23.81" H
Dimensions w/o Stand: 39.37" L X 3.11" W X 19.8" H
HD-Ready: Yes
Widescreen: Yes
Model No.: ILO-3200

TV Packaged with:

Power Cord
AV Cable
Remote Control

Television Set
Television Set
Television set with 7 cameras, 1 of which is on rails...
Television @ Summerstage 5/16/07
ilo television repair
Gather People Together
Ilo was discovered by Jimmy Buffett and some of his friends in Cape Verde, off the coast of West Africa. Ilo is a gifted singer/guitarist, and has spent the last 3 years touring the US, playing small clubs and big stadiums, from Boston to Bonnaroo, the bars of Chicago to the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Ilo will be touring with Jimmy this spring and summer. Fellow Coral Reefers Bill Payne, Mac McAnally, Peter Mayer, Robert Greenidge, and Ralph McDonald are on this CD The CD was produced by Tony Brown, Mac McAnally, Chris Blackwell, and Will Kimbrough. This is truly a "World" CD, recorded in Cape Verde, The Caribbean, Key West, and Nashville. The music is totally international, with Rock, Pop, Country, and Portuguese.