CHI2007 Student Design Competition FAQ's

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Competition Results

First Place:  University of Michigan, USA - altVerto: Using Intervention and Community to Promote Alternative Transportation  - Martha Gukeisen, David Hutchful, Pieter Kleymeer, Sean Munson
Second Place: Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca, Mexico - EMI: A System to Improve and Promote the Use of Public Transportation - Tonatzin Y. Baños Castellanos, Emmanuel Aquino Pérez, Fernando David Sernas Mora, Yazmín R. López Hernández, Roberto Mendoza Manuel
Third Place: Indiana University, USA - Ri-Ri: Assisting Bus Conductors in Madras (Chennai) - Arvind Ashok, Christian Beck, Nick Quagliara
Fourth Place: Indiana University, USA - Celerometer and Idling Reminder: Persuasive Technology for School Bus Eco-Driving - Tyler Pace, Shruti Ramalingam, David Roedl

Competition Finals

Final round of the competition will take place at CHI'07 in San Jose on Wednesday May 2, 11:30AM-1:00PM.  Four finalist teams will present their projects for the CHI audience.  Judges and audience will ask questions about the projects.  Eight runner-up teams will  present their projects in a one minute madness format to the CHI audiences.  Winners of the competition will be announced. 

Competition Poster Session

Next round of the competition will take place at CHI'07 in San Jose.  Posters will be judged on Monday April 30, 2-4PM in the Commons posters space.  This session is closed to the public.  Project posters will be available for public viewing before and after the judging session.  Winners of this session will proceed to the finals.

Poster Format for the Design Competition

Question: Are the posters required to be in the Portrait orientation or is Landscape orientation OK too?

Answer: You are given a space of about 4 feet high by 8 feet wide to display your poster.  The poster is expected to be approximately 84cm x 119cm, or  33" x 47", and is allowed to be in either porptrait or landscape orientation.

Publication & Archival Status of Competition Submissions  

Question: Is the work presented at the design competition considered to be non-archival, which means it can later be submitted to another venue requiring original work?

Answer: The SDC is published in the conference Extended Abstracts which means it is non-archival.

Student Status and Part Time Work

Question: How do I know if my part time job makes me ineligible to qualify for the competition. 

Answer: If you have any questions about whether your job creates a conflict for your participation in the competition, in order to avoid potential future disappointment, please ask by sending email with your details to 

 Question: I have a part-time job has nothing to do with HCI nor the topic addressed in the competition.  I will be working on the Competition project without mentorship from my HCI expert work colleagues.   The rule states that students must show that they: "...were not employed within HCI-related industries when working on the team's submission."  Please clarify if this part time work will prevent me from participating in the design competition.

Answer: That clause in the competition rules was intended to ensure that students are not getting professional input/involvement in their projects. As long as the job is not directly related to HCI and the competition topic and you can obtain the Proof of Student Status,

Question: We are graduating in December 2006.  Do we qualify for the Student Design Competition?

Answer: For those of you graduating in December, it is not a problem to participate, although please note that the finalists are expected to attend CHI to present their poster, so you should at least have some provisional plans/funding to attend. If you or your colleagues wish to take part in the competition you should include with your submission a signed letter from your advisor or Head of Department confirming both your student status, and that you were not employed in HCI related industry, during the period that the work for the competition was undertaken.

Project Topics

Question: “The theme seems to focus on ideas “to promote or encourage the use of public transit.”  This seems a reasonable goal, but I wondered if you meant to be so narrowly defined.  For example, I have long wanted to pursue ideas that promote ride-sharing or carpooling, that encourage use of biking/walking, and that reduce the need to travel. Did you want to exclude such ideas? 

Answer:  We are *very* much interested in receiving submissions regarding designs in these areas. The call was not intended to exclude submissions in these areas. Schemes to alleviate congestion, such as those you mention, would be very welcome submissions.

Communication with Organizers

Question: “Your current web site does not offer an email address or invite questions.  I think you might offer this, at least for a limited time (say till Oct 1), so clarifying questions could be posed and you could offer answers in an FAQ.” 

Answer: You are reading the FAQ created following educator suggestions.  The web site now also features a more prominent contact listing.

Awards & Prizes

Question: “I encourage you to promptly identify the awards… having a large cash award or other generous prizes does much to increase motivation.  I hope the conference organizers will provide prize funds or you can find sponsors soon.” 

Answer: We are working on this question with CHI2007 organizers.  Last year cash prizes were awarded to the three top teams.  One obstacle to corporate sponsorship is that ACM has some rules about corporate sponsorship of individual conference events.  We’ll update this as soon as it is clarified for us. 

Announcement - Call for Participation

Question: “I hope you are working hard to publicize this so people like me can integrate this into fall courses… please send email by CHI-announcements and other lists.” 

Answer:  We have sent out announcements to many academic institutions and educators.  The official CHI2007 call for proposals did include a link to the Student Design Competition but it was buried inside lots of other details.  We are working with the conference organizers to send out a separate call for the Competition.
We appreciate all assistance in spreading the word about the Student Design Competition.  

Here is our brief call for participation, please share it with your colleagues. Thank you!
Dear Colleague,
Do you know students interested in applying User Centered Design to a meaningful problem and demonstrating their skills among international peers and HCI professionals?  Are you or your colleagues planning a course on User Centered Design for the next semester?

Consider the CHI 2007 Student Design Competition.  Submissions of short papers (6 pages maximum) are due January 15, 2007. Previously, HCI instructors from around the world have incorporated the competition project into their academic curriculum.   See full details at

The design problem this year is a system to promote or encourage the use of public transit.  The problem is broadly defined and the solution should focus on a real location and be sensitive to the real needs of the target users and the local culture.

This is the fourth year of the competition.  Many previous participants have gone on to pursue HCI related studies and careers.  All student teams are welcome to submit.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Ilona & Steve
CHI 2007 Student Design Competition Co-Chairs