Welcome to Illuminati Puzzles

   This is a web site for those who would like to get their rusted brains greased and the greased brains to be put to test. Illuminati puzzles are a set of puzzles that include a variety of types - spanning from rebus, to sequences to sheer abstraction. So, put on your thinking caps, and get to work.



  • Every stage has a unique password. To advance to the next stage, simply replace the name of this page by the password as described below

For example,

if the url of level 1 is:

and if the password in that stage is second, then your address bar should have:


Once this is done, press enter or Go in your browser.

  • You are allowed to use Google Search boxes that are provided within the stages at the top. The results will be shown in the same page itself.
  • Some hints will be present in the title bar of the browser, and some may be in the page itself... You should just look around for it
  • In case you get to know the answer, please do not post it in any forum. Also please refrain from asking questions. They will simply become spoilers and ruin the fun.
  • If the password has two words, then type it continuously without any spaces - None of the passwords should ultimately have any spaces, even though they may be multiple words.


Do you have bright ideas for a great puzzle? If yes, you can collaborate. If you have a couple of ideas and would like to submit, then you can use the Contact page. If you have a lot of ideas and would like to actively participate as a collaborator, then you can send me a mail, and I will add permissions. 

A project can grow only by collaboration

Need a Break?

If you need a break and would like to see some cartoons, you should visit Artistick - A bunch of stick characters who discuss everything under the sun, and end up cracking you up quite often.

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