"Follow Along With The Mass" is an interactive app designed for families. The dialogue for the Priest and People from Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal, plus helpful commentary, make up the first portion of this app. “The Good We Can Do” is the second portion of this app. It highlights the “Actions, Words and Prayers” that we can do to make a positive impact in the world as Catholics. This balance of celebrating faith and charity makes it a perfect tool for Religious Education, RCIA and Sacrament Preparation.  

The Parish Edition is now available to download!  This edition has the same content of the Personal Edition, but it can be displayed on external screens so that a large audience can "Follow Along"!

Unique features:
* Web link to locate a Catholic church close to you
* Web link to the Daily and Sunday Readings
* Web links to outstanding Catholic charities and resources for your family
* Color pages with illustrations
* Suggested  Actions, Words and Prayers to positively impact the world after Mass
* Published with the approval of the Committee on Divine Worship, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Follow Along With The Mass

Custom Plug-Ins for "Follow Along With The Mass" Applications: 
Your parish can hire Illuminating The Best to create custom content tailor made for your community's needs!  This content is available to download free of charge anywhere in the United States and is compatible with all three versions of "Follow Along With The Mass"!

Our A La Carte pricing structure is as follows:

For $50 a month, your parish can add personalized reflections for the Sunday readings on the "Liturgy of the Word" page.  This is a great way for Pastors to help their community grow in appreciation and knowledge of Sacred Scripture.

For $50 a month, your parish can personalize up to 20 suggested Action, Words and Prayers on the "Actions, Words and Prayers" page.  This is a great way to specifically address your community's needs.  You can feature your parish fundraisers, favorite charities, emails to congressmen, donation needs, or your favorite prayers and devotions in this section. 

For $50 a month, your parish can have 5 announcements with a link to the parish website displayed each week on the "Dismissal Page".

Your parish will receive a $200 discount with a one year contract for any of the A La Carte options!  Please contact us for further information!

"Follow Along" applications can be individually designed for your company's needs.  We can design a "Follow Along" app for your college course, your next annual meeting, or as a means to market your company or product. Any situation were you would like to engage a large audience and ensure that they have the information at their fingertips afterwards would call for a "Follow Along" app!  Please contact us for pricing information.

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