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"Helpful, Informative, and Resourceful... a very useful app In addition to helping you or your kids follow along the mass (its prayers, readings, actions), the app uncovers and explains much of the 'why' do we as Catholics do these things at mass. The 'After Mass' content called 'The Good We Can Do' has some great tips and resources. If you act upon the actions, words, or prayers in the 'Good We Can Do', you'll not only learn to be a good, informed Catholic at mass, but you'll, more importantly, become a 'Do-Gooder' Christian during everyday life. I recommend you try this app and share it with your friends. Show its benefits to your fellow parishioners and priest so as to encourage its use at mass."

"Love this App!! Great way to keep kids engaged in the mass and deepen their understanding of Catholic traditions. Our whole family really gets so much more out of mass now. It's Easy and fun to use! I highly recommend this app!"

"Excellent! I'm 71 years old and I finally know what the Mass is all about. It has true meaning now."

"Great App! I just downloaded Follow Along With The Mass and I love it! I recently started taking my kids to mass and this app makes their experience much more enjoyable. This App is user friendly and the "Go To" button is always at my kids fingertips so they can jump from prayer to prayer with ease . It even has a handy "Info" button that will give you a little more information about each prayer. Even I learned a thing or two using this app! 5 stars! I highly recommend it!"

"Must - have app for Catholics! I highly recommend this app for you and your family! I love that you can follow along with the mass and have a better understanding of what's going on and why. This app is a great way to connect with your faith!!"

Follow Along with the Mass: Faithful Guidance
"I have explored a variety of Mass apps, and this one by far takes the cake. Unlike their competitors, they appropriately had all their material approved by the Committee on Divine Worship. Spend the $1.99 and receive cool interactive features like a doodle page for kids."
Joanne Holt, Raised In Faith

Follow Along with the Mass App: An Informative Tool "The value I see in this app is using it as a training tool for ourselves and our children either before or after Mass."
Lisa Hendey,  

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A 96/100 Rating, beating iCatholicRadio, Daily Readings 2013 and Pocket Catholic.