Our Android Applications

"Follow Along With The Mass", our flagship application, was designed to help families more fully engage with the Catholic Mass.  Our development and design team is made up of parents who wanted to help their kids come to love the Mass as much as they did. Equally important was the desire to pass on a love of helping others.  Kids love technology, and will spend hours exploring apps, so why not bring our faith and love of charity to them through an interactive application?   Our app runs on the Android OS, which means that devices most families have, such as smart phones, tablets, and Nook and Kindle e-readers/tablets can run our application.

If you are looking for a great supplement to your current Religious Education Program, here it is!  The app can be used during Mass, or it can also be used before or after Mass as a unique and engaging educational tool.  For only $1.99, this is a resource that belongs in every home!

Our application is published with the approval of the Committee on Divine Worship, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, a testament to our app's depth and quality.  We are looking ahead to ways our "Follow Along" applications can assist families in celebrating the milestones of the faith.  In addition, we can work with parishes individually to create a plug-in for "Follow Along With The Mass" to meet their community's needs. 

We are thrilled to announce that we have released a "Parish Edition" and a "Free Version" of "Follow Along With The Mass" !  The "Parish Edition" can be displayed on external screens, such as a TV screen in an RE class, or on the big screens during Mass so everyone can "Follow Along"!  

Follow Along With The Mass

The Perfect Application Framework for Education, Corporate Training or Seminars

The unique framework of Illuminating The Best's "Follow Along" Android Applications allows them to be displayed on screens of any size.  Whether in a classroom, a boardroom, or in a large auditorium, "Follow Along" applications can be designed to meet your customers needs:  

  • Students could "Follow Along" with the subject in a way that is engaging and memorable.  
  • Corporate officers and staff could present projects and goals in a new and dynamic way. 
  • Presenters at seminars could effortlessly and actively involve the participants.
  • Afterwords, your customers can have your app on their personal devices to continue to "Follow Along"

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