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"Illiparambil"   is an ancient Syro Malabar Catholic (Saint Thoma Christian) family based in Kerala, India. This family is one of the branches of the "Chothirakkunnel" family (Mahakudumbam).

 Many members of Illipparambil family have migrated to different countries  all over the world. It is heartening to learn that they are trying to contact each other to rejoin the broken links. Here is a place where they can come together and know each other. The different spellings used for our family name tells how much we have diversified. Try a google search with these spellings.

"Illipparambil","Illipparampil",  "illiparampil",   "illiparambil  


In the begning of 19th century Idikkula Kochu Thommi from "Chothirakunnel " family, Thottakkad,  near Kottayam, migrated to Pulinkunnu in Kuttanad and established Illipparambil family.      He married a girl from Kalasherry family.       Their children were Thressiamma, Kuruvila, Rev. Fr. Chacko Kathanar Sr., Kora, Ouseph and Thommi.      Mar. Louis Pazayaprambil was son of Thressiamma. Kochu Thommi died in the year 1842. 

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