School information 基本資料

posted Feb 21, 2012, 1:52 PM by Yung-tai Tu   [ updated Feb 22, 2012, 8:47 PM ]
1.Name and address of class and school 班級和學校名稱及地址
Our school has two campuses - the East Campus and West Campus.We are at the East Campus. 

我們學校有兩個校區 - 東校區和西校區。我們東校區

This is our new home. We moved into the building in September of 2011. Our previous building was torn down 2 years ago and the new facility was built on the same location.


Ogden International School of Chicago School - East Campus (Grades PreK-6) 東校區地址

24 West Walton Avenue
Chicago, IL 60610
1.773.534.8017 (fax) 

Ogden International School of Chicago- West Campus (Grades 7-11) 西校區地址

1250 West Erie Street
Chicago, IL  60622
1.773.534.0869 (Fax)

2.Number of students in class and school 班級和學校的學生人數

There are a total of 81 students in our three 2nd grade classrooms.There are 27 students in each classroom.三班每個教室有27個學生共有81名學生

The school has a total of 1,257 students from PreKindergarten-11th Grade.

We are adding 1 grade a year so that by 2012 we will be PreK – 12th Grade.

The East Campus has 700 students and the West Campus has 557 students.

學前班至11年級學生1,257。2012春天我們只到11年級,到2012年我們包含幼稚園 到12年東校區700名學生西校區557學生

3.Size of school 學校大小

This was our previous East Campus school building at 24 W. Walton.這是我們過去的校舍。

This is our new East Campus building.這是現在我們的新校舍。

4.School emblem, colors or mascot校徽顏色吉祥物:

This is our school logo.這是我們學校的標誌

Our mascot is the Owl.我們吉祥物貓頭鷹

Our colors are Blue and Gold.代表我們的顏色是藍色和金色。

5.Type and number of computers

We have computer labs at each building with more than 120 computers.

Most classrooms also have several PCs for student use.

Each teacher has either a Desktop PC connected to a Smartboard or a Tablet connected to a Smartboard.


我們每棟都電腦教室,每棟 電腦教室超過120多電腦 



6. School history

The school is named after the 1st mayor of Chicago, William B. Ogden. The school was originally opened in 1857.